He finally came!
I probably didn't earn the right to say "finally". I mean, he was born two days before his due date. But, the reality is, I had so much false labor that tricked me into thinking he'd be a couple weeks early like Ira AND the final month of pregnancy felt more like a year...hence, the "finally".

Soren Devin was born at 12:30AM on April 27th. He weighed 7 lbs, 13 oz and was 20.5 inches at birth. Birth was uncomplicated (birth story coming!) and he is healthy and thriving. For that we are so thankful and feel very blessed.

He was so familiar to me right when he came out. The resounding theme is that he looks like Ira, which we definitely agree with, but see glimpses of Henrik, especially in his darker hair/coloring. He's only 5 days old, so I'm not making any blanket statements, but so far he's been content and our most chill newborn of the three.

It's still sinking in that we have three sons to shepherd in this complicated world and the weight of that is very present. But joy is present too. So much joy in these three boys!

Brothers are adjusting really well. Henrik loves him and has been super excited to be around him and hold him. Ira pretends to be excited for awhile with Henrik but loses interest a lot faster. We're easing into life with Devin off work and trying to all enjoy this beautiful spring weather together.

My recovery, both physically and mentally, has gotten so much easier with each baby so I feel glad to be doing this for the third time and not the first.

And now for an onslaught of pictures...

During labor, birth and the first hour of recovery I felt a lot of heaviness. I think mostly the pain and fatigue really messed with me, but when I looked over at Devin holding Soren for the first time I felt this wave of relief and joy and thought "wow, this baby has no idea how lucky he is to have the dad he does". Somehow this moment settled me and seemed lift the heaviness I was feeling.

So much enthusiasm from the older brothers!

Look at these precious, handsome boys! Thank you Jesus!

Spring Break and Waiting for Baby

Easter Sunday

We had a nice Easter weekend. We hosted Devin's family (minus his parents who were up in Michigan following his grandma's death) Saturday night just to get together and then Sunday we lucked out and my family got together at my sister Molly's just 15 minutes away. It was my idea to have Easter in FW this year and then Molly got to host. :) Thankfully I don't think she minded. 

Spring break has felt more like winter break. Definitely a good year to go south for those who did...which sadly wasn't an option for us. In some ways the weather gave me an out to cozy up inside instead of being outside with the boys, which isn't something I have tons of energy for at this point, but overall I'm finding myself pretty frustrated by cold and snow in April.

The boys and I did a couple fun outings throughout the week and they got to spend the better part of the day at their beloved auntie's house and play with cousins which was for sure their highlight. My sister's kids, though much older than mine, are amazing players and include my boys so well. Molly even gave Devin and I some free babysitting so we could grab dinner...probably our last one before baby.

Speaking of baby...

I sent this to Devin this week. :) I wore this shirt at 41 weeks pregnant with Henrik and have majorly outgrown it at just 37 weeks with baby #3. I'm feeling a little paranoid that this baby is going to be massive, which is probably one of the reasons I'm hoping he comes sooner rather than later. My ideal would be for him to come like one week from now...about 38 weeks like Ira. I really am glad it's not up to me to choose his birthday, but for some reason I just feel like I won't make it to my due date on this one. (Please God don't let me be wrong about that.)

One day this week I had tons of painful cramps and random contractions. I knew it wasn't labor, but it did feel like my body was doing some work ahead of time, so hopefully that's true. My stomach also seems to have dropped an inch or two.

Honestly the main thing I feel right now is bored. I've worked through pretty much everything I wanted to have done before the baby and a lot of days don't really know what to do with myself. It doesn't help that my energy is LOW. Like, six hour days are about all I have in me. I could totally sleep half the day and all night if that was an option. I remember this before I had Ira though...and remember thinking "how am I going to survive when I'm up half the night with a newborn?!". But now I know that this pregnancy exhaustion is so much different than newborn sleep deprivation. I feel pretty confident I'll be feeling lots better once this baby is outside of me.

Devin's guess was that the baby would come on the 24th. My guess is the 15th. Both of our other kids were born on Sundays, so seemed fun to continue that tradition.

March '18

We started the month getting out of town for a couple days. We headed to Indy for a couple nights at a hotel. Devin worked some at the office, the boys and I hung out at the pool and put our Children's Museum pass to good use. We visited some of our closest Indy friends and had an evening with my brother's family. It was a really fun and full couple days. The boys loved every minute of it. Good memories for us.

We tried to do a little staycation weekend without our kids. It sort of happened but then Ira got croup the first night at my parent's so it all was cut short. Life in the winter with young kids, I guess. One weekend I was gone for the BSF leader's retreat, which was exhausting for me at 34 weeks pregnant, but also really good. I got to room with Leah which was so fun to spend that extra time with her without our kids.

We made baby room progress and generally checked a lot off of my pre-baby to-do list, which is a great feeling. 

Ira is my faithful sidekick while Henrik is at school. He is such a fun kid to be with and hardly ever stops talking.

Henrik and I got to go 'mom's night' at preschool which was a really sweet time with him and fun to see him engage his friends and teachers. This kid will never be labeled as shy or introverted, that's for sure. He thrived on the time together and it was so good for me to just focus on him. 


Ending this month at almost 36 weeks! Which definitely feels like the home stretch. I'm pretty uncomfortable most days and overall the days can feel long and hard. This has been new for me. My previous pregnancies really haven't gotten too hard or uncomfortable until the week or two before delivery. I'll be really ready to be done with pregnancy, that's for sure. 

Pretty drastic side-by-side comparison. On the left is 4 weeks pregnant, right after getting a positive test. The right photo is 34 weeks. I'm glad I took that initial picture, because I'm definitely at the point where I'm convinced I'll never look/feel normal again. :) I also noticed how much healthier my hair looks on the right! So that's one perk I guess. 

35 weeks. I wear a lot of black these days. :)

My midwife advised I be "ready" at 37 weeks. It's been hard for me not to plan on going early since Ira was two weeks early. So I'm trying to get ready, but also remember that just because I'm having a lot of cramping/contracting etc, that could go on for awhile and doesn't really mean baby will be here super soon. Though it usually does mean my body is doing some work ahead of time, and I'll definitely take that! I'm dying to see how this labor/delivery goes since the first two turned out to be pretty different. 

32 weeks with Baby S

I am getting so excited to meet this guy! Seriously, that moment when you're handed your baby that you just worked really hard to give birth to...there's nothing like it and I'm so excited to have that moment again. On the flip side, I realized the other night that if he comes when Ira did (38 weeks), I'll be meeting him in just over 5 weeks and that kind of freaked me out. Am I really ready to be a mom to 3 kids?!

I'm starting to think about birth some. I've been super laid back about it this time. No doula, no birth plan. Obviously we could get thrown a curve ball, but I've experienced two unmedicated births and have somewhat of a feel for the process. I know my body is very capable of doing all the work. And I feel pretty good about just rolling with it. Mentally I'm really committed to the process and I think that's the biggest key. Henrik was born at 41 weeks and Ira at 38, so I feel like I should anticipate anything within that range. I would love if he came between 39-40 weeks but obviously that is so not up to me.

I took these bump pictures at a hotel that had a pretty flattering mirror...I think I'm much bigger than this in real life.

That seems to be my theme of pregnancy right now...big and uncomfortable. Some days are a lot better/worse than others. Overall, I've continually felt further along than I am, which my midwife says she feels like is pretty common to hear from people on their 3rd or more pregnancy. I'm growing out of maternity clothes that I wore until the end with the other boys. I've already surpassed the weight I gained with the first two that's fun.

I'm learning my limits or what I'll pay for later with back pain. It's really hard for me to not do something because I know physically I'll regret it, but I know this will be short-lived and I'll feel a lot better once he's born. Thankfully I'm sleeping well, even if I do have to keep tums nearby for my almost-nightly acid reflux.

I'm starting to get some baby clothes sorted for the first 9 months. And hopefully this weekend I'll have Devin pull the rest of the baby stuff down from the attic. Whew, round 3 here we come.

Ira is 3!

Ira turned 3 on February 22. 

I think he had a really fun day, starting with a special birthday breakfast and a new stuffed lamb waiting for him in his chair. Playing at auntie's house, a very long lunch at Chick-fil-a to play and eat. Grandparents over in the evening for his requested sprinkle cupcakes and presents. 

There's something so special about Ira. His demeanor, his easy smile, and fun-loving personality. Each year that goes by I just can't believe I get the pleasure of having this boy in our family. He continues to be so sweet-natured (with just the right amount of sass). He's the type of kid you want to take with you on errands because he makes them more fun. 

Ira loves stuffed animals. He loves dogs and would probably make a great puppy-owner someday if that was the type of family we were. He loves to pretend and imagine and can take the more ordinary objects and incorporate them into his own little world. He loves to talk. He's constantly asking questions, telling stories (mostly made up ones), and often I'll find him sitting with his toys or animals just talking. He loves to interact with people and has learned well from his older brother when it comes to conversing with adults. 

He usually gets roped into doing whatever Henrik wants to, but also has a mind of his own and his own ideas. He and Henrik really are such good buddies right now and play so well together. 

Ira is affectionate and loving. He is delightful and a joy to raise. We couldn't love him anymore.