Being Back

We spent our last days in Indy with our closest friends and hitting up our favorite places. Then all of a sudden it was over and we were back after being gone for just over two years. We moved into Devin's grandpa's villa where we will stay until we find a house of our own. We are really thankful for a comfortable interim place, but long to have all of our things in our own house and no boxes piling up in the garage.

Our first weekend back Devin and I got a date night thanks to grandparents. We also hit up the farmer's market we used to be regulars at. It's grown a crazy amount in two years. 

I took a long drive through our old neighborhood, up and down my favorite streets while scoping out houses that are for sale. We had our first Sunday back at our old church, which has also changed a lot in two years, but still lots of sweet familiar faces who we were happy to see and that feeling of a peaceful place where good things are happening.

Two years...its nothing really, but so much can and has transpired in that timeframe. We're better people for our two years in Indy. New people, places, don't regret that. And of course Devin's career, the reason we went, was huge for our family. Lots of good and hard things happened while we were away and I know it was the right thing for our family. I also think its right that we are back. It's not going to be perfect or easy and it's still a move and a transition, but I'm thankful for a sense of peace in that.

July 2017

What a month...

Transition. Decisions. Backing out of decisions. Vacation. Broad Ripple.

That about sums it up!

I know July isn't over, but I'm at a coffee shop on a Saturday afternoon which never happens and we also don't have internet at our rental place so if any sort of blog is going to happen, it has to be now.
We are heading into our last week in Indy. Moving sooner than expected due to (me) not liking the duplex we're renting. Location is, not so much. I told my dad it was the worst place I'd ever lived, to which he replied that I've had a pretty good life. :)

We aren't finding a home in FW and having trouble nailing down which area we want to land in anyway so we're taking advantage of Devin's grandpa's empty house and moving there while we find a place. Henrik is enrolled in preschool, my BSF registration is transferred (sad about my Indy class SO MUCH), so I suppose it's time to dive into yet another transition! I'm trying really hard to look at this as a familiar move but not like we're moving back into our old life, because I know a lot can change in two years. I've certainly changed a lot in two years.

We were on vacation at my parent's lake house for about ten days which was seriously the balm my soul needed. It was 75 and sunny nearly everyday and we just had a fabulous time. I've said it before, but that vacation home is the very best gift my parents have ever given us.

My sister had a baby! Sweet little Cal joined our family on the 11th. 

The boys and I have been utilizing our Children's Museum pass while we can! Another place we'll miss a lot. 

And this is really random, but I was trying on gauchos in Madewell and laughed a lot and snapped a picture. They were navy with an elastic waist...basically identical to the pairs I remember my mom and Grandma P wearing in the summers as they 'put up' corn. :) 


Have you seen the new Jeep commercials where they're driving and decide to take a different path and several times their GPS says "recalculating"? One of the better commercials I've seen lately, actually. That commercial came to mind the other day in regard to our life right now.

We're definitely recalculating. My brain is still kind of trying to play catch up with everything that's transpired.

We've officially signed the papers to be released from the home we were building. And while there is some sadness at what could have been, we mostly feel relieved because it had become clear it was not right for our family. The last few weeks found us with some growing concerns, mostly what the move meant for our kids. We were able to overlook a lot of those concerns until Devin was unexpectedly given the freedom to work remotely from his job.

Devin loves his job and we decided several months back that he would stay at his job, even if it meant us staying in a location that was our second choice. Now that he has been given the freedom to keep his job and work from anywhere it gives us the option to move to our first choice. And since we've already sold our home and have a very flexible rental situation, that gives us the option to find the right house and move when it makes sense. All this is good news.

All I can really say is halfway through 2017 and the year looks quite different than I thought it would.  I'm just praying by the end of the year we can be settled somewhere that feels like home and we're happy to be.

May Snapshots

May was a weird month of the in between stage. Our house was sold but we still had time before packing/moving. Tying up lots of loose ends with rental things and new house things. And working through annoying inspection stuff with our house sale. It kind of felt like a long month, to be honest.

Ira got a weird fever for several days so we were stuck at home a lot. One gorgeous Sunday Devin volunteered to stay home with sick Ira so Henrik and I could do a zoo date. We had so much fun together. One-on-one time with Henrik is kind of rare for me and I realized how much we both need it.

Henrik started t-ball. Just a low-key program once a week through the Y. He has really seemed to enjoy it and it's a good experience for him to be on a team for the first time. Though the word team should be used loosely. 

We went to a benefit walk for my cousin's little guy and Henrik and Fiona held hands through part of the walk. It was insanely cute. Love these two cousins so much. We're really going to miss seeing Fi when she's in Africa this next year!

Mother's Day was really special to be at my mom's house with some family. Being a mom is super hard and I know I'm doing a million things wrong, but these boys are so incredibly special and I love that I get to watch them grow up as their mom.

We finished up a great year at BSF. We're all missing our Tuesdays and Wednesdays at CATC. I wish I had a picture with my awesome co-leader, but our 3 boys will have to do.

I've tried to be fun mom as much as possible and let the boys have their reign of things outdoors. It's created a lot of laundry but so worth it. Henrik and Ira are playing together more and more and sometimes I don't even know where they are for awhile and I love that. It often includes fighting and Ira crying but I'd say they get along more than they don't so that's a win.

We're down to about a week until we close and move out. Packing is in full swing and I'm starting to feel a bit melancholy about leaving this place. But I'll save that for another post. Bring on a crazy June where we are homeless for most of it. :)

Another Move

the boys had just eaten loads of frozen berries, if you're wondering why their mouthes look blue. :)

It all started with a news article last Fall about a builder downtown doing very small, modern homes. The article mentioned something about the homes being for minimalists who would rather spend the weekend exploring the city than doing yard work. Devin and I were both like, "yes, that's us". We've both disliked the notion that as you get older and make more money, you acquire more stuff and have a big house. Stuff actually stresses me out, so the fact that we're downsizing makes me happy. Also, neither of us grew up in diverse areas/families/churches. We want that to be different for our kids, both racially and socioeconomically. So with these things in mind, we started discussing what we wanted for our family's future and began exploring various options over the last 7 months.

We never intended to be suburb people. We loved our 'sort-of-urban' neighborhood when we lived in Fort Wayne. We planned to live in a more urban setting when we moved to Indy, but it just didn't happen, for lots of reasons, but mainly our timeline to find a house, our price range, etc, landed us is in Fishers. Also, I'll be the first to admit that I was interested in testing it out. There were things that sounded really nice about an attached garage, larger space, extremely low crime rate, and a neighborhood pool. In a lot of ways, I'm glad we gave it a try or I would have always wondered if there was something we were missing by foregoing the suburban life so many are drawn to.

We haven't necessarily been unhappy in our current situation, actually we love our home and have wonderful neighbors, but we have continued to not be able to see ourselves here long-term. There was/is just too much about our house, location, neighborhood, church, etc that just doesn't quite fit who we are at our core. I don't think we have unrealistic expectations of finding the perfect life, but just knew that we needed to attempt a situation that we could see ourselves in longer term. Whatever long-term means for our generation, right? :)

When a couple of Devin's co-workers / friends told him about a new development on the west side of downtown we started looking into it and loved so much about it. Just a month later we signed papers to build there as part of the creation of a new neighborhood within a struggling neighborhood. We're actually building along with 3 other couples (and a couple people we don't know) who we will also go to church with and be in community with. The community aspect was a huge piece that was missing in other options we explored.

We sold our current house in less than two days and will have to be out in June. In the meantime, we are renting until the new house is ready. It will be an interesting year!

I know that this new life we're heading into is going to have challenges and some definite inconveniences. But I have to keep coming back to the fact that this is something Devin and I have been on the same page about and feel called to. Adventure and a huge step of faith!