Life in the Fall [2017]

Already the first of December! We have our tree up and some other Christmas decor. Starting to order some presents and think about making some Christmas cookies. A fun time of year for sure, though, I have to be careful not to romanticize it or I'll inevitably be disappointed. 

First: baby update...
I'm about 19 weeks right now, this picture was from somewhere in week 17. I've felt so great (other than a quick stomach bug I got that didn't have anything to do with the pregnancy). If I do too much a few days in a row I'll be due for a couple nights of a 9PM bedtime, but otherwise life as usual in the wonderful second trimester! With the last two babies, the second trimester has included some horrible, frequent migraines which I blame on hormones, and I have't really had them this time around! I'm leery of speaking too soon but it's been really nice! In some ways I feel like I've been pregnant for so long and then when I think I could be past halfway if baby comes early it starts to feel like it's moving quickly.

I just re-read some of my pregnancy posts with the boys. I happened to do a 19 week post with Ira and mentioned the red spots all reappearing all over my face and other areas. Which is funny because in the last couple weeks they've once again resurfaced. From what I can tell from the posts...this pregnancy was much worse in first trimester, but maybe better second trimester so far?

The debate is still out on whether or not we'll find out the gender next week. Right now the most likely scenario is that Devin and I will find out but keep the news to ourselves. I'm trying to decide if I can just lie to people and tell them we don't know, because saying "we know but we're not telling" to the tons of people who ask will get soooo old.

The boys: whew. They're so fun and so frustrating all in the matter of a few minutes it seems. I definitely don't want Henrik to have any sort of complex, so I'm careful how much I say, but Ira continues to be the easy peasy child. Like, we are kind of in awe of how pleasant he is and (so far) easy to raise. He plays well alone or with others. And is just generally fun to be around. Henrik can be so fun and witty and interesting...but if the mood is wrong, or he's struggling, the struggle is REAL. I'm constantly trying to figure out what this kid needs, what turns him sour, and how to connect with him in a way that resonates with his brain. When Henrik wants to be a great brother, the boys have so much fun together and often are great friends. 

Part of the nightly routine lately, Bible stories in the top bunk. To say these boys adore their dad is an understatement.

Family pic from an extended family gathering. Starting to wonder what that third one is going to look like!

I failed at picture-taking, but we had a really fun time at my parents for a couple days over Thanksgiving. We've been home a lot, enjoying our new space and working on things...leaves, still unpacking boxes, rearranging furniture, etc. The last couple weeks my house progress came to a screeching halt, so I've been trying to make a plan for how I can get those last couple rooms painted, and start the process of looking for a dining room table and a few rugs. Sometimes I just don't have the energy to shop, even if it is online!

More and more as my kids grow up I have the feeling that my life isn't my own. Not really in a spiritual sense (though that is true) but more in a practical sense that my days are filled with a lot of mundane tasks and obligations that leave little time or energy for other things. And of course so many of the things I'd want to do don't include my kids, but since we don't have a full-time nanny, there's only so much of that you can do. All of a sudden I see my weeks fill up with random things that sometimes I would just rather not do. I'm trying to figure out how to reconcile that...wanting to serve and be faithful in the small things, but also want to find ways not to lose myself and keep life fresh and exciting. Any ideas are welcome. :)


Betsy said...

So enjoyable to read, Em! Glad we get to be part of your Christmas plans. Love you!

T and M said...

Enjoyed this post and glad you are feeling well. In regards to the last couple paragraphs...yes! I am finding that challenging as well, not to get buried in the mundane. I don't have a solution or formula but I try to always keep something planned to look forward to in the short term, and don't be afraid to call in "reinforcements" when needed ( :

sarah.flyingkites said...

Your posts are so good. I feel like I have so much to comment about and then forget by the end what all I wanted to say.

For one, love your insights on parenting H. So tricky. Love to see how aware you are.

Excited to see if this baby is a boy or girl!

And that last paragraph -- so relatable!

leah said...

i'm behind on blogs! loved this update - i can so connect with that last paragraph. ross and i have been talking about that lately -- just being intentional in what we say 'yes' and 'no''s hard!