Old / New Home

We're finally in our new house...which is actually a very old house. I wouldn't say we're completely settled as in all boxes unpacked and rooms put together, but we made a ton of progress in week one and things are coming together faster than I anticipated - mostly due to all the amazing help we had. 

Devin and I both agree this house felt like home from the second we walked in. It has it's quirks for sure as many old houses do and we'd love if the bathrooms were larger, but otherwise we think it's perfect for our family. The upstairs still has a couple rooms waiting to be painted or organized, but mostly the main floor is finished...

My mom and I painted the entire main floor "Bistro White" with the exception of one small alcove that is very dark navy. Someday we'll fill the space under the chandelier with a large dining table but not sure what I want yet so waiting to figure out the right thing.

The boys are so happy to have a bathtub again after only having a shower for five months! They've been enjoying many long, bubbly baths together. They also got bunk beds that they're really thrilled about. After several months of rerouting and searching for the perfect place, we feel really amazed that it all came together better than we could have pictured it!


sarah.flyingkites said...

SO GLAD to hear you have a place to call home. So much character. From these pics it reminds me a lot of Ross and Leah's house!

leah said...

looks so beautiful! so thankful for God's goodness & timing this year.