Ira: Five Months

Five Months

At five months of age, Ira is rolling all over and has overall good muscle control. He's very interactive, smiley, and loves to have a person right next to him whenever possible. Mostly, he wants his mama. He nurses roughly every 3 hours, sometimes around the clock, but usually doing a 4-6 hour stretch at night. He's slept "through the night", meaning about 10-5, a grand total of maybe 5 times since birth. He's starting to dabble in pure├ęs and lunges at the spoon and happily slurps down whatever I give him. 

From 2-4 months, Ira napped so well. We'd lay him on his stomach and he'd fall right asleep, sometimes fussing for a few minutes, but not long. Around 4 months he stopped doing that. Now every nap is a battle with lots of back patting and nursing and crying. It's not the most enjoyable phase and I'm hoping he'll move on from it soon. I don't really mind nursing him during the night. It keeps my milk supply up and I guess I'm just used to it, but it's the twice a night that is getting old. I suppose I could try letting him get himself back to sleep, but if I'm going to have to be up in the night I'd rather feed him than listen to him cry. These are the times I really wish he took a pacifier.

We sort of gave up on giving Ira bottles. Partly because it wasn't working and partly because I hate pumping. It was just more work than it was worth. But we'd really like to start to have the option of leaving him now that he's nearing six months, so I have a renewed interest in getting the pump back out and trying bottles. (First try of this bombed.)

Ira is so cuddly and smiley and I really do love this stage with him, despite the sleeping frustrations. The great thing about being on the second child, is I know these things pass quickly so they don't upset me as much as they did with Henrik. (But I have my days for sure.) I kind of can't believe how much I enjoy nursing him, which is good because he's not showing any signs of disinterest in that area! Ira adores Henrik and loves any time Henrik will give him, which isn't a lot but increasing gradually.

I'm so thankful for this boy and the opportunity to raise him!


Linda said...

And of course we are so thankful for sweet Ira too!

Jamy said...

I don't really know you but I have heard my sister-in-law Sarah Fiechter talk about you because our boys are very similar in age as yours. Our youngest is 5 months as well & is so incredibly similar to your Ira that it's scary!!! I'm not really sure why I hopped on your blog because I haven't been keeping up with blogs much in the past 5 months, but I think maybe God wanted me to have a heart connection with you today! For some reason reading this (and your latest post) just made me happy & extremely thankful to be where I'm at with my 2 young boys! They will be best of friends some day, just like yours!

emilykate said...

Jamy, yeah I know who you are (via Sarah's blog and I've seen you blog before knowing our boys were due the same time :). Thanks for your comment, it's always great to hear from other mom's who are in the same stage!

Sara Huber said...

You are such a great mom, Em...proud of you. :)