July Update

I told Devin yesterday that I've been amazed how quickly our house has started to feel like home. I'm guessing it has more to do with the people in it and all of our stuff, but still, I'm pleased with how comfortable I feel here already. Here's what's been going on...

The entryway into our home. This gorgeous bush also happened to be the playground for HUNDREDS of various bees and wasps. The comcast guy who came to set up our internet acted half annoyed when I opened the door and he informed me that our walkway was swarming with bees. Why yes sir, I did notice that. So, those beautiful white blossoms had to go and now we can use our front door again.

I'm a windows/natural light person (aren't we all?) so I'm really happy with the beautiful windows in our house, especially the ones above in our front rooms.

Since we moved, Ira is now sleeping in his own room in a crib. It's funny how my parenting style has changed from one to two kids. Henrik slept in our room a grand total of probably 3 nights and Ira was in our room/bed for the first four plus months.

Devin gets to wear anything he wants to work. He also works on a fairly flexible schedule and their work kitchen is stocked with Hubbard and Cravens coffee and craft beer. Now you all know why we moved. ;)

Ira's favorite sleeping position. :)

Henrik was pretty excited about his new bike helmet and even wore it riding his little tricycle. You know, safety first. With all the rain, I'm so happy about our screened in porch since it allows him to still get some outside activity even when the weather is bad.

I've started to feed Ira a little food. It's earlier than I think is necessary, but he's up so much at night I wanted to see if it would help. So far it hasn't.

I've never tried to use the Moby as a front carrier. I thought it looked kind of silly, but Ira was happy...and covered in spit up as usual.

Henrik is all about guitars. Any house or church we visit he asks where the guitar is, expecting everyone to have one for him to play with. 

One day we visited Devin at work and then ate lunch. Henrik got to have fries at Taste for the first time. Needless to say, he was a fan.

My sister Betsy is home from Qatar for a month or so and last weekend my whole family got together for the weekend. Us girls threw Betsy a little surprise baby shower since she's having a girl after two boys. :) So fun!

We also took family pictures, which was a bit interesting with the kids and swarms of mosquitos, but worth it because you never regret having the pictures. I think we were all relieved when it was over.

The walnut grove where we took the pictures. Isn't it beautiful?

Henrik and Fiona are quite the pair. They're both equally feisty and darling. 

Henrik has a rather large obsession with my sister Molly (for good reason, she's so good to him). He calls her "auntie" and sometimes I think he wishes she was his mom instead of me. :) This is morbid, but I always comfort myself that if Devin and I would both die for some reason, our boys could slide easily into Molly's family and have a great life. 

Henrik learning a bit about "big" bikes. He couldn't quite pedal but loved just sitting there.

Bedtime stories with Grandma.

And back to our new home...

We live about 50 yards from our neighborhood's pool and playground. I wasn't sure if we end up liking that or not, but so far it's been great. The pool is really nice, not too crowded, and has a great kids wading pool that is perfect for Henrik. We get over there in the evenings whenever we can.

I took Henrik to this cheesy kid's haircut place. Mostly because it's only a minute from our house. I'm not a fan of the short buzz cut for boys and anytime we've tried to cut his hair it has not gone well...so, over-priced kid's cut it is! Henrik loved sitting in the car and getting his sucker. :)

There is a lot to do in the realm of painting and de-wallpapering. But, we decided we needed a fun family night out to explore the area and not worry about painting. We ate dinner at a place that's basically like chipotle, but pizza. Really good.

We went to one of our "town's" parks...which was really cool. 

And just because Ira is so sweet...


Linda said...

Love ALL the pictures and commentary! That rainbow is Amazing!!
So glad things are going well and happy to see you soon :)

Janice said...

Love all the picture.Sorry the flowers had to go.They looked so pretty.

sandra said...

Loved update! Bet Melissa took fabulous pictures. Super cute haircut!

L, Ann and boys said...

Awwwww, glad you are settling in :D

sarah.flyingkites said...

fun update! Love the Auntie Molly part...so sweet

leah said...

love this update & all the pictures! thankful you are all settling in well!

Daveana said...

That walnut grove is amazing! So cool! Loved getting a little update!

smw said...

love seeing these glimpses of your life now!