Henrik: 2. 5 years

Oh our Henrik Sebastian. I've been waiting for this stage with him...the one where he's constantly saying funny things that crack me up and I can converse with him like a real human. He somehow even manages to make us stifle laughter when he's being disobedient or disrespectful. 

Henrik is potty trained! I had dreaded this part of parenting and then it ended up being incredibly easy. He was clearly ready. He hardly had any accidents and after less than a week he was peeing and pooping like a big kid and even staying dry at naps and sometimes at night. So great to be down to one child in diapers! As a reward for painless potty training we bough him his first bike. He's pretty excited, but so far prefers to just sit on it as opposed to learning to pedal.

Henrik's favorite things are trains, monster trucks, bikes, playing in the sandbox, swimming, wrestling around, and playing guitar. He's also really enjoyed doing a lot of water color painting while I do house painting. He continues to be really social and loves playing with older kids and adults. I'm not sure he's really ever had a shy day in his life. He is pretty tough and when he gets hurt, tends to bounce back very quickly. Though he insists on getting any and every "wound" kissed. He loves to snuggle and is very affectionate most of the time. I love this about him!

Henrik seems to be a fairly strong personality, my prayer is that it will be channeled for good! So thankful for this sweet boy!


Linda said...

What about his guitar...another favorite thing?:) Love this boy!

smw said...

I love his guitar playing and singing. Can't remember where I saw it, but darling.

leah said...

two sweet little boys for sure! so fun to watching them grow up! :)

sarah.flyingkites said...

He is just so darling!

Boys are great.

CONGRATS on Potty Training!!

Sara Huber said...

Getting caught up on your blog! Love this little boy...he is so much fun!