We have this tradition of taking a walk later at night if it's snowing on Christmas Eve...or if there's at least snow on the ground. Dad was the photographer and this is the rest of the crew. Nate stayed back with a sleeping Truman.

Christmas was really great. We did Italian food this year. And like every year, our chosen type of food never disappoints! I think this is our 4th year of picking a certain type of "ethnic" food to do for our meal. The first year was middle eastern food, the second year was African (mostly Ethiopian), and last year we did Asian (mostly thai/chinese). I love that we all enjoy a variety of food and don't have to have ham every Christmas...ew.

Regretfully I was already feeling the effects of my on-coming throat infection and didn't have the appetite to enjoy the candy and cookies as much as normal. Which reminds me, I totally spaced on bringing leftover buckeyes back since I didn't have any at Christmas.

As I write I'm sweating profusely due to my fever once again "breaking". This throat infection has caused quite the chaos for my body, complete with aches, chills, and a throat so sore I feel like a knife is being shoved in every time I swallow. I think if I want any good sleep tonight I'll have to set my alarm for every four hours to pop some tylenol. But I decided I'm just going to be thankful I have pain killers and antibiotics at my fingertips. Life is even easy for me when I'm sick. Thanks for taking care of me while I was at home mom. You know there's no place I'd rather be sick at. :)


Betsy said...

Get better, Em! Hopefully the snowy snow-walk isn't what gave you the infection. What beauty!

Linda said...

Good times! What a fun evening :)

Daveana said...

Em- I hope you get to feeling better soon!

Happy New Year!