Slight Obsession

So I didn't even know about this show until season two had already ended. Christen told me about it and had me listen to some of the music from it. Really amazing a cappella groups!

During my down time being sick I watched some of the episodes that were online. First of all, great show. Second of all, I totally fell in love with this group (and may have a huge crush on the lead singer). I had a hard time deciding which videos to share, so I'm sharing three really good ones. I would also recommend finding their version of "Creep" and "Fix You".

I hear they might be touring so I'm definitely keeping my eye out for a city near me. Otherwise I might have to make a trip to Nashville (their home base). How fun would that be?!


Betsy said...

hey soul sister...see you in 3!

leah said...

love it. love it. love it.

when you plan a road trip to see them--count me in!

Sandra said...

to funny. When Alisha was living with me I saw this show preview on tv. I had never heard of it either. Will be watching next season!!

Daveana said...

I love The Sing Off!
I concur with Leah! If you're traveling to see them, I'd come too!