Ira is 3!

Ira turned 3 on February 22. 

I think he had a really fun day, starting with a special birthday breakfast and a new stuffed lamb waiting for him in his chair. Playing at auntie's house, a very long lunch at Chick-fil-a to play and eat. Grandparents over in the evening for his requested sprinkle cupcakes and presents. 

There's something so special about Ira. His demeanor, his easy smile, and fun-loving personality. Each year that goes by I just can't believe I get the pleasure of having this boy in our family. He continues to be so sweet-natured (with just the right amount of sass). He's the type of kid you want to take with you on errands because he makes them more fun. 

Ira loves stuffed animals. He loves dogs and would probably make a great puppy-owner someday if that was the type of family we were. He loves to pretend and imagine and can take the more ordinary objects and incorporate them into his own little world. He loves to talk. He's constantly asking questions, telling stories (mostly made up ones), and often I'll find him sitting with his toys or animals just talking. He loves to interact with people and has learned well from his older brother when it comes to conversing with adults. 

He usually gets roped into doing whatever Henrik wants to, but also has a mind of his own and his own ideas. He and Henrik really are such good buddies right now and play so well together. 

Ira is affectionate and loving. He is delightful and a joy to raise. We couldn't love him anymore.

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sarah.flyingkites said...

He seems incredibly endearing!!!