32 weeks with Baby S

I am getting so excited to meet this guy! Seriously, that moment when you're handed your baby that you just worked really hard to give birth to...there's nothing like it and I'm so excited to have that moment again. On the flip side, I realized the other night that if he comes when Ira did (38 weeks), I'll be meeting him in just over 5 weeks and that kind of freaked me out. Am I really ready to be a mom to 3 kids?!

I'm starting to think about birth some. I've been super laid back about it this time. No doula, no birth plan. Obviously we could get thrown a curve ball, but I've experienced two unmedicated births and have somewhat of a feel for the process. I know my body is very capable of doing all the work. And I feel pretty good about just rolling with it. Mentally I'm really committed to the process and I think that's the biggest key. Henrik was born at 41 weeks and Ira at 38, so I feel like I should anticipate anything within that range. I would love if he came between 39-40 weeks but obviously that is so not up to me.

I took these bump pictures at a hotel that had a pretty flattering mirror...I think I'm much bigger than this in real life.

That seems to be my theme of pregnancy right now...big and uncomfortable. Some days are a lot better/worse than others. Overall, I've continually felt further along than I am, which my midwife says she feels like is pretty common to hear from people on their 3rd or more pregnancy. I'm growing out of maternity clothes that I wore until the end with the other boys. I've already surpassed the weight I gained with the first two pregnancies...so that's fun.

I'm learning my limits or what I'll pay for later with back pain. It's really hard for me to not do something because I know physically I'll regret it, but I know this will be short-lived and I'll feel a lot better once he's born. Thankfully I'm sleeping well, even if I do have to keep tums nearby for my almost-nightly acid reflux.

I'm starting to get some baby clothes sorted for the first 9 months. And hopefully this weekend I'll have Devin pull the rest of the baby stuff down from the attic. Whew, round 3 here we come.


Daveana said...

It's amazing how fast it seems 40 weeks go! Wish I could have seen you last weekend!!! Best wishes as you go through your last month!

Betsy said...

This is great, Em! Love to hear how you're feeling and what you're thinking for the birth. God has given you such a calm and mentally stable confidence with the others, no reason to not welcome that fresh grace for a third. Oh those Great Value imitation TUMS were always my nightly friend too!

Heather Hoerr said...

That moment when they hand you your baby is the best! Especially after a natural delivery (which I only experienced with Oliver, but I'm so glad I did!). Hope you can enjoy the last few weeks of pregnancy - can't believe it's so close! Other people's pregnancies go so fast :)

leah said...

love this - i can't believe that it's coming up so fast. can not wait to meet another W boy! praying for you these next weeks and the l&d days to come!

sandra said...

Finally I figured out why I wasn’t able to post on your blog. It’s been driving me crazy. I am still a faithful reader and awhile back I even guessed you were having a boy when you asked what people thought. I think your girl will come at child #4;). Btw, cute new house! Hope the remainder of this pregnancy goes well. It was good to see you a couple weeks ago at church.
Yay! I’m just so glad I can comment again!!

L, Ann and boys said...

so excited to see pictures of the new little one soon. I did blind weigh ins with Vincent for sure! After having a few little ones...they make themselves comfortable pretty early on it seems like. :D Little stinkers. They are so worth all the trouble though. Wishing you all the best the next few weeks!