Week 13 Update and FAQ

Heartbeat and ultrasound taken at 8 weeks, 2 days
At my 12 week appointment the heartbeat was around 175.

Just about finished up with the first trimester!
I felt the baby move already! Right around week 12, which I know is really early, but it was the undeniable "fish-like" swish that I'm familiar with and it was so fun to think of who this sweet kid is developing into. I'm excited for feeling frequent movement in the coming weeks.

The questions I'm asked the most lately...

How are you feeling?
The last two to three weeks I've been feeling great. My nausea went away completely at week 11 so life has felt so much more manageable. It's amazing the dark cloud that lifts when I start to feel normal again. I'm still pregnant though, so I tire easier than usual, my feet and lower back hurt by the end of the day (thanks to my pregnancy-induced plantar fasciitis), and just generally don't feel like myself. I'm not complaining. I'm so thankful to have this life growing inside of me and have felt so excited about this baby...the most excited I've been so far with my pregnancies actually. But, there's still the reality that it's 9 months of not feeling or looking like myself and that can be hard for me.

Will you find out what you're having?
So far our plan is not to find out the gender. We didn't with Henrik and then did with Ira and we thought waiting for the birth was much more fun. However, I've started to question this decision. If we were to have a girl I think I would have fun getting some girl stuff ready beforehand. But I also know it would be easy to just have a few girl and few boy newborn things ready. I don't do a ton of nursery prep or anything since they baby will just sleep with us the first few months anyway.

Are you hoping for a girl?
Actually this one gets more phrased like a statement such as "oh maybe you'll get your girl!". Which I totally understand most women hope to have a daughter. But it annoys me a little too, as a mom who really thinks her boys are awesome. I'm definitely not waiting around for a girl to complete our family. My standard answer has been this: while having the experience of a daughter would be great, I also think the world needs more boys that are raised in good families with awesome dads. So if we add to that number of boys, I'm very happy with that. Sometimes having a girl freaks me out and I find myself hoping for a boy and other times I do find myself thinking how fun it would be to have the surprise of a girl. Either way, we really will be thrilled.

The second picture is 13 weeks, but probably makes me look bigger than I am because of the angle and it was taken at the end of the day, when I'm definitely a lot bigger than how I start the day.

Hoping to have a good and uneventful second trimester!


Linda said...

Yea for baby #3!

Betsy said...

So thankful your nausea's gone. Can't wait to see you soon and rub your growing tummy!!! (hehee maybe the most dreaded pregnancy reaction)

sandra said...

Em~ I like you totally loved the surprise aspect of my child. I did both but when it came down to it enjoyed the surprise. Helps push the baby out. If you get a girl you will be so shocked and thrilled to finally get that girl but on the other hand if you get that boy again you know exactly what you are doing. You have the toys, the clothes and you know what to expect. As for the room.....you got time to make it girlie if needed but I do encourage you to enjoy that surprise. Of course I think it’s the best way to go;). So much fun!! And just for the record I think you are having a girl;)

sarah.flyingkites said...

Love how you described that dark cloud -- so true to how morning sickness feels!

And also just appreciate what you said about more boys being raised by awesome men. That was really encouraging to hear from a mom of all boys!

You look so good!

J and M said...

I so get the are you hoping for a girl thoughts:) they didn't end when I had another boy.. and I was thrilled it was another boy actually. I vote suprise.. I had a Meijer bag full of gurl thing that I gave to my niece who arrived 6 weeks after:) love you and this sweet baby growing!

leah said...

i'm so thankful that you're feeling better & think you look great!