Being Back

We spent our last days in Indy with our closest friends and hitting up our favorite places. Then all of a sudden it was over and we were back after being gone for just over two years. We moved into Devin's grandpa's villa where we will stay until we find a house of our own. We are really thankful for a comfortable interim place, but long to have all of our things in our own house and no boxes piling up in the garage.

Our first weekend back Devin and I got a date night thanks to grandparents. We also hit up the farmer's market we used to be regulars at. It's grown a crazy amount in two years. 

I took a long drive through our old neighborhood, up and down my favorite streets while scoping out houses that are for sale. We had our first Sunday back at our old church, which has also changed a lot in two years, but still lots of sweet familiar faces who we were happy to see and that feeling of a peaceful place where good things are happening.

Two years...its nothing really, but so much can and has transpired in that timeframe. We're better people for our two years in Indy. New people, places, don't regret that. And of course Devin's career, the reason we went, was huge for our family. Lots of good and hard things happened while we were away and I know it was the right thing for our family. I also think its right that we are back. It's not going to be perfect or easy and it's still a move and a transition, but I'm thankful for a sense of peace in that.


sarah.flyingkites said...

wow, how bittersweet.

hope you find a permanent place soon!!

leah said...

praying for you as you transition back and find a new normal!

(so glad you're here!!!)

Daveana said...

SO glad you're feeling peaceful about being back.