What I'm Loving, August 2017

I was getting a bit burnt out on LaCroix and spindrift has been the perfect replacement. It's literally just a little fresh pressed juice in sparkling water. The grapefruit and blackberry are my favorite flavors.

Henrik is on his second pair of these "cam" shoes from Plae. They're so great. So easy for him to put on by himself. I love how they look. And they go with anything. They can be dressed up and also are great everyday tennis shoes. They aren't cheap, but good quality and he seems to love wearing them.

I'm a big Jesus Culture fan. I've probably said this before, but I struggle with a lot of worship music...often feeling like it all sounds the same, is a bit shallow, or just not my style. This album has been speaking so much life to me. The boys love it too.

I've been using EO for several years now. I started with a MLM company, which I have no problem with and think they make great products, but I don't like having to do a monthly order to get the best price. Unless you are a distributor, I don't think it makes sense to pay the prices of a direct sales company since you are paying extra to support the infrastructure. So I've tried a few different oil companies in the search for something quality, but not through MLM. Enter Rocky Mountain Oils. I'm so sold. I'm so impressed with the quality. You can get free shipping. And they do sporadic sales which is perfect since I prefer to just order my staples a few times a year. I got a diffuser from them and it's really powerful. Anyway, I definitely recommend.

Oh, and I LOVE this house. And through the graciousness of God, our offer was chosen and it's our future home! I seriously can't wait to live there. You should see the inside...it's perfectly charming. Original hardwood floors in excellent condition. Beautiful fireplace. Arched doorways and just so. much. character. The couple that's been living there the past several years took out some walls on the main floor and opened up the kitchen, so it's not as boxy as most houses that were built in 1937. We are buying it from a couple from our church. A really wonderful family who has restored and maintained this home and I literally couldn't find anything wrong with it as we walked through. I think it took about 30 seconds after walking in the front door for Devin and I to look at each other with big eyes and a knowing look of "we have to buy this house". It's kind of a crazy story how our offer was picked and I'll hopefully get that on here sometime. We are so thankful.


smw said...

Excited to see inside pics and hear the rest! Sounds so great!

Heather Hoerr said...

Cute house! Post some pics of the inside once you own it! Glad you found something you love. I love spindrift too. Costco carries it and that's the cheapest I've found it. And good to know about the essential oils... always like to know about brands that people like other than some of the main, most common brands.

sarah.flyingkites said...

that house is a DREAM!!! CONGRATS!!!

leah said...

Seriously, that house! The front is just dreamy. Can't wait to see what you do to the inside to make it your home!

Daveana said...

Loving the front of your house too! Can't wait to see the inside! It looks charming from the outside and yay! for original hardwood floors.

Much love!