June 2016

As I look back on all these pictures from our June I think "wow, what a great month of summer". Pictures, however, only tend to capture the highs of the month not the lows, the sweet moments not the crappy ones, the cute kids having their popsicles not the kids throwing fits because you won't give them popsicles, the happy people not the sad/mad/annoyed/lonely/frustrated people. So it really was a great month of summer, but don't be fooled, life is not picture perfect over here.

On to the pictures...

I am so not a bargain shopper or a garage-saler. I admire people who are, but for me, the time spent just isn't worth it. However...I've been wanting to build up a stock of Brûder trucks for our boys. They're so cool and Henrik loves playing with them, but they're expensive. Someone told me HomeGoods often has them so I stopped by on a whim one day and was super excited to find this one half off! I was so happy with my thriftiness that I almost considered going to some neighborhood garage sales. Almost. :)

Every morning Ira is yanking on the freezer and whining for his morning frozen fruit. It's definitely the snack of choice right now for both boys.

Enjoying a summer rain shower. 

We are loving the Indy zoo! Had such a fun day there with Laura and kids. Older cousins are the best! So are amazing sister-in-laws!

We also love the children's museum, especially on early member mornings when it's less crowded!

I'm noticing in so many pictures lately Ira is watching what Henrik is doing. Such a good representation of their relationship lately; Ira watching/mimiking and Henrik sometimes being great and sometimes being not so nice.

The end of this month was one year at our new home! It's been an interesting year but thankful for our life here in this season.

Wanted to highlight my favorite room transformation of our house.


We hosted Devin's family for a Saturday of swimming and a cookout. 

I've been letting the boys watch a show on our bed while I shower in our bathroom. Ira loses interest fast but still likes to chill with his snacks. :)

Some of my college friends got together for a girls day in Indy. It was fun taking them to one of my favorite restaurants for dinner! Love these girls!

Us girls got mom a registration to TGC conference as a Christmas gift and spent a few days together. So great to have quality time with my favorite women. Good talks, good laughs, and Laura, Sara and I even fit in a really hard TDM workout class. 

Can I just say I think these girls are so beautiful?!

Devin was such an all-star dad at home with the boys while I was at the conference. He took them on fun outings and even cleaned the whole house. He's amazing!

Saying goodbye to dad in the mornings is always a big event.

Sweet conversations with Henrik. This boy is so in tune with emotions...his and other's. It blows me away!

Henrik spent a few days with Molly to go to VBS and hang out with her family. He adores Molly's entire family and they are so good to him! It was fun to have some one-on-one time with Ira before we went up to spend a night with Molly and bring Henrik home.

Henrik's hair...ugh. I hate how fast he needs haircuts!

Swimming with Judah! Love the look. 

And pushing carts at Trader Joe's. I'm probably crazy for letting two boys, 1 and 3, push carts, but they actually did great! Usually just Henrik gets to and Ira rides, but as mentioned earlier, Ira needs to do whatever Henrik is doing. There was only one mishap, which was actually Henrik, who tipped his cart and a very large quart of blueberries went rolling everywhere. The employees were very gracious.

And to finish out the month, we had a fun double date with our neighbors/friends, Brad and Jen. They've been so great and have made our transition to Indy so much easier through their friendship and their girls being great playmates for our boys. We had a great dinner at Tinker Street and then walked around the circle a bit.


leah said...

Love your pictures - looks like a fun eventful month!

Heather Hoerr said...

Bruder trucks are a Big hit at our place :) I always feel bad when they get beat up since they're pricey! I have a zoo and children's museum membership too if you ever want to go together!

sarah.flyingkites said...

Fun post! I LOVE your first paragraph -- that is such a tricky balance, isn't it?! Social media has such a way of over-glamorizing life. Love how you put that.

I know you say Ira looks like your side of the family, but I've never been able to "see" it. Well that selfie of you and him - both wearing white - wow! You look so much the alike!

Your 'after' room looks beautiful!!

Linda said...

There is so much that I could comment on about this recap of June and all the great pictures! I agree with Sarah on the one of you and Ira- my thought exactly! I also have noticed how Ira is watching Henrik in so many of the pictures. Love those boys and their sweet personalities!

sandra said...

Your mom was telling me about that conference you girls got her for Christmas. What a fun great idea. Beautiful ladies indeed!

Daveana said...

Happy One Year in Indy! Looks like an amazing month!

T and M said...

what a great month! lots of beauty going on, new dining room, sweet boys, relationships...enjoy! : )