July 2016

The month started off with a lake weekend with Devin's family for the 4th. Really great weather and an altogether fun weekend!

On the actual 4th, we left the lake in the morning to go be with my family for the day. Betsy and crew had just arrived in the US so it's always a party when they get back!

I love, love, love these people. Could not be luckier in the family department. 

Haircut for Henrik. :)

Unpacking, a quick week and the re-packing for a weekend in Over-The-Rhine (Cincinnati) with our good friends Matt and Addie. Matt and Devin did another spartan. Addie and I slept in and shopped while they were away. We had a fun Airbnb, seriously amazing food at every restaurant we went to, and just a great time traveling with them. We so miss living near them but thankful our friendship has continued!

We did a rather long, several course dinner at this really old and so amazing Italian place. It was so fun. So fun that Addie and I couldn't take a picture without laughing. :)

We did some more living room rearranging after a trip to Ikea. It was a mess, but thankfully all ended up well after multiple moves of furniture. 

Betsy and her family came to stay for a weekend and I got one lousy picture, see below.
We had a great time getting to spend time with them and their kids and just wish it could happen more often.

Henrik was pretty proud that he poured a "small snack" for he and Ira. :)

Henrik had swimming lessons for two weeks of the month. The first few days were pretty rough getting him to buy into the whole process. Thankfully, with some bribing, he started cooperating and by the end totally loved it and was sad to see it end.

Ira is still just our darling boy and so easy going (if he's not tired). He got to turn around in his carseat this month. I know the really good parents are keeping their kids rear-facing until they're like 5, but this kid was ready to see something other than the back of a seat.

Henrik mastered our neighborhood playground's fire pole. That was big news. We did some more zoo trips and splash pads and all the summer things. 

Morning hugs are a big deal around here. 

Henrik is all about taking pictures. "Mom, smile!" We had a scary night this past week with Henrik having what we think was an allergic reaction to chocolate that had chili pepper in it. That's our best guess anyway. It was really scary for about 30 seconds when we both thought we'd be calling an ambulance and thankfully he was able to throw up and come back down to normal, though it took a few hours. Poor guy!

Despite having lots of fun days with these two, I'm finding these summer days to be getting a bit long (and so muggy). This is the point in the summer when I start dreaming of crisp Fall days, sweaters,  and more structure, but we haven't even had our summer vacation yet (soon!) so I'm trying to gear up for another month!


Daveana said...

You and me girl, dreaming of Fall!

Linda said...

Enjoyed the monthly update and love the picture that Henrik took!

leah said...

Fun update! totally agree on the fall weather & love your new living room set up!

miss you friend!