We loved our time in Asheville. Really loved it. I attribute the success of this trip to the area fitting us really well (in most aspects) and to Devin doing some really great planning/research ahead of time. Each day had one bigger event planned, all which were fairly different, and then down time and options for the evening.

Asheville is known for it's food and craft beer scene. I cannot describe the amount of amazing food options. Definitely the best food town I've ever been to. We had such incredible meals! It's definitely an eclectic town and more hippie than hipster, but also a decent amount of tourists which I'm sure changes things. The theme of the locals seemed to be to rid Asheville of any chains, which was funny because you can hardly find one chain in the downtown area, with the exception of Anthro and Urban Outfitters. There were tons of restaurants and coffee shops within walking distance of where we stayed and not one of them was a chain, which we loved. It's a super liberal area when it comes to various social/moral issues.

We stayed at an airbnb right in the downtown area...actually an alley. A very Asheville-esqu alley. It was really perfect and so nice to just leave our place and walk to dinner every night or wherever.

DAY ONE: Travel, getting into our loft, White Duck Tacos, hiking, Lexington Ave. Brewery, Chai Pani (Indian street food).

Our loft had this huge mirror so each day as we were leaving for whatever we were doing I snapped a picture. :)

DAY TWO: Coffee, donuts, Tupelo Honey Cafe, spa afternoon at Omni Grove Park Inn (amazing), rooftop drinks, Marketplace for dinner. 

Our place for the week and some of the various art in the alley. :)

DAY THREE: Corner Kitchen breakfast, Biltmore Estate, short stop at Wicked Weed, and our best meal of the trip at Limones.

DAY FOUR: Shopping, All Souls Pizza, River Arts District, brewery tour, and burgers at The Vault.

Hooray for another fun trip in the books, marking off Asheville on our travel list, and making tons of great memories.


Linda said...

Loved seeing these pictures! The food, weather and attractions look amazing!

leah said...

glad you had such a great time! love your daily mirror picture.

this has never been on our bucket list...until now. ;) you make it look very appealing!

smw said...

This looks awesome! The lack of chains and it being more hippy than hipster makes me want to go!!

Jarod Steffen said...

Oh my word - this is so fun! I loved all of these pictures. The food looks incredible...that Indian street food...the tacos (both kinds). Wow. The scenery is amazing too - so glad you had a good time! (Molly, not Jarod)

Daveana said...

So fun! Your trip looks fabulous! I've heard so many good things about Asheville and looks like it all was true!

sarah.flyingkites said...

This is such a fun recap! Loved the pictures -- esp the daily mirror pics!

The food!! Oh my goodness, can't even imagine. Yum.

That last pic of you is gorgeous!