April 2016

Since the rest of our April will mostly involve a trip (yay!), here was our normal life April...

At the beginning of the month, the boys and I went for a visit to Sara's and to my parents for a couple days. Mostly, we wanted to see my dad's new calves. It was so fun seeing these little girls/guys. I went on and on to Devin about the calves when we got home which he thought was kind of funny. I guess I like some animals more than I thought.

Ira still isn't walking, but he loves to cruise around the house with his walker!

I had a mini photo session done of the boys. Here were a few of my favorites...

We've been wanting to go see more live music. So we went to another show in April at the Vogue; Drew Holcomb & the Neighbors. He's a little too mellow/countryish for me, but still a fun outing.

An ice cream truck goes through our neighborhood pretty often on nice days, which brings much excitement to the neighborhood kids and Henrik has picked up on this. I let him get a popsicle one day...it was probably his favorite part of the week. 

We did a ton of yard work on the nice weekends this month. Pulling out some unwanted bushes, mulching, planting a couple small gardens, and there's still some weeding and pruning to do. We've loved spending days outside as a family! It's also the hockey playoffs right now and Devin's team is doing well, so we've been pulling our TV out to our porch to be able to watch the game and be outdoors. 

I bought some "healthier" popsicles (not from the ice cream truck) as a fun treat for the boys. They've been a big hit. Every day Henrik will say "mom, I'm all sweat, I must need a popsicle".

Henrik got his long-awaited haircut. I was kind of sad, but with the warm weather and him not keeping his ponytail in...it had to happen. Henrik has been so grown up lately, it's a little bit sad but has some definite perks. The other morning he perfectly cracked four eggs for our breakfast! No shells or anything! I was kind of kicking myself for teaching him about egg cracking but it turned out he's much more capable than I expect him to be.

I didn't get any adult photos, but Ross and Leah came for a night, which was super fun. There's nothing like long-term friendships that are just so comfortable and meaningful.

This past weekend my brother Kevin turned 40! Kind of crazy that I have a brother that's 40, but he also makes 40 seem so young. Laura threw him a really fun party with great food and live music. 

And now, here we are on a typical Monday morning, just having our smoothies and recovering from the weekend.


Sara Huber said...

Looks like a great month! Henny's reasoning for needing a popsicle is perfect! We laughed a couple times after leaving the party last night about the various comments he made.

Jill said...

Your boys are SO cute. I love Henrik's haircut... but it definitely makes him look so much older! And I love your big fenced-in backyard! How nice.

T and M said...

I can't get over henrik just lounging on a calf...so fun!

Linda said...

These pictures are just great- I love looking at them :) The one with the calf is a winner and I love the one of Fiona and Ira looking at each other.
The popsicle quote is so cute :)

leah said...

i love that so many of these pictures are OUTSIDE - yay! :) you're boys are just too cute - was awesome to get to know their sweet personalities in person last weekend.

sarah.flyingkites said...

That last pic is so cute!

And I love the little photoshoot of your handsome little guys!

Our kiddos love the ice cream truck too -- we try to limit it to 1 time per season, but I could get it for them every time it drives by because I think it's a fun perk to living in town :)