I feel like I've come to terms with this season of our life coming to a close. It's been a really sweet season, but nothing is perfect, so why would I think the next season can't be just as good? I'm learning about myself through this process, which I'm always thankful for. I'm learning the stages that I go through with change and if I look back at the last few big changes we've had, I can start to see a predictable pattern of how I process and react.  I seem to have a short time of fighting the change and feeling some despair, but I pretty quickly move one to acceptance and excitement.

There's one part of this move I can't be at peace with: Molly. Living 20 minutes from my best friend and sister, seeing her once or twice a week, watching her kids grow up, watching my kids adore her and her family (Henrik asks to go to "auntie's house" pretty much everyday)...these are things I'll never be at peace with. I've accepted leaving them as a reality of this move and as the worst part of this move, but I know it's not something I'll be able to say "well, the positives to leaving Molly were...". Thankfully she's my sister (in more ways than one) and those bonds can't be broken, but I will have to grieve this loss of proximity to someone that is so dear to me and such a huge part of my daily life.

This process of moving has been interesting in the area of showing relationships for what they are. People who love you the most are the ones saddest about you leaving. It's also shown which friendships were on the same level. There has been some disappointment, if I'm honest, with some people I thought I was fairly close to and it was clear our move didn't matter a lot to them. And then there were others who seemed oddly sad about us moving and they weren't really people I thought of as close friends. Mostly though, the people I've been sad to leave have been equally sad to see us go. It feels good to have perceived most of my relationships correctly. :)

We've had some really fun times with friends and family before we leave. Unfortunately, though, most of our last days here have been working on packing and the moving process of selling a house and buying another.

I was so sad I didn't get a group picture, but our friends hosted our monthly dinner club at the lake. It was such a fun day!

Preparing food and eating has been annoying while packing up a house. Today, Henrik ate his lunch on a box. I'm eating more almonds and dried fruit than I care to. Moving is also pretty bad for the environment...all these boxes and now we're eating off of paper products. Sorry, Earth.

This is a bad picture, but wanted to document this sweet stage where Henrik and Ira are starting to interact (I use that term loosely). Ira loves to watch Henrik play and run around. Henrik gets more and more interested in having Ira around him and joining him in any way possible (even if it's for Curious George). So sweet.

Well, that's it for now. Off to a weekend up in Michigan with my parents and siblings (minus B&R, plus Ira)...I am SO excited.


cait kaehr said...

I've been praying for your family.. I know what it's like moving into a new HOUSE with two little ones so I can't imagine moving to a new CITY. Enjoy your getaway!!! :)

L, Ann and boys said...

ha, Jenny, I was going to say the same thing almost exactly. Must be the Italian or Swiss in us that just won't admit it's goodbye if we don't like it. :D

leah said...

ha, i can relate to the goodbye comments ^^ I'd rather just avoid it. :/

& oh that molly talk makes me want to weep. sisters are THE best. thankful your roots are way deep. :)

enjoy your weekend with family!

sarah.flyingkites said...

Love how you write...thanks for sharing.

Natalie Stieglitz said...

so sad leaving sisters. :(