40 Years

On June 8 my parents celebrated 40 years of marriage. I can't really imagine being alive for 40 years, let alone married that long. What's even greater than being married for 40 years is being happily married for 40 years. Growing up I never questioned whether or not my parents had a good marriage, not because conflict was kept behind closed doors or swept under the rug, but because of how they interacted and made decisions and treated each other. I'm so thankful for this.

To celebrate, us kids took them on a great little weekend getaway...to their lakehouse. :) 

Our weather was not great. I'm not sure we ever really saw the sun, but the temperature was fine and the rain was mostly at night, so it didn't really mess up any plans. Especially since most of our plans were to spend lots of time talking.

Devin and I brought up Kan Jam to teach everyone. We had a fun little couples tournament that I may or may not have won with a desperate last throw straight into the slot. Poor Nate had to buy our dinner because of that lucky throw.

There was lots of walking and running and working out over the weekend...well, everyone except for me who is insanely out of shape. I'll blame the baby. There was also lots of good food, of course.

All the kids were left behind with their other set of grandparents, except for Ira who got to come along and keep me from sleeping at night. He was enjoyed though and it was nice to have lots of arms to hold him.

Sara and Nate happened to be celebrating their anniversary as well. Sixteen years for them! Could they be any cuter?!

And the couple of the weekend! Love you mom and dad!

The crew (we missed Betsy and Ryan) - so thankful for these people. I continue to learn so much from each one of them. There's no other group of people I'd rather spend a weekend with!


Daveana said...

So fun Em! How neat to get to spend a weekend with your family! What a sweet family.

Betsy said...

I would second your last sentence!! Missed you all too. :(

Janice said...

Great post Em. Happy Anniversary to Steve and Linda. Family is always fun to be with.

leah said...

This is the sweetest! Thankful you had this special weekend away!

sarah.flyingkites said...

Love this :) great pictures of an amazing fam!

Christen Leigh said...

This looks so delightful! I love family time, and time with just siblings/parets without kids is especially rare and great. :) Have a good week in Francesville!