Living Amidst the Chaos

I had a nice plan for the summer. It included lake time and pool time and strolls around the neighborhood. I was looking forward to zoo days and meeting up with friends at the park. Our vacations were all set as well.

I didn't plan to buy a new house. To have my house cluttered with boxes and packing paper. Trying to find a new pediatrician in a different city. Starting the dreaded process of church hunting. The list goes on...

The older I get the more interested I am in having my surroundings be neat and tidy. It's not my strength and my mom would tell you that I was a complete slob in high school. My college roommates sure wouldn't give me any awards for being neat either. But, the last couple years I've become much neater and even to the point where I only feel at peace when things are relatively tidy around the house. This is ironic seeing as I have a 2 year old and a baby.

So, combine my shattered summer plans with living in chaotic surroundings and you might be able to guess how I feel most days. Oh, and Ira still gets up 1-2 times a night (which I will admit is mostly my fault...I've become a softy with this second child). Last summer I was in my first trimester and was completely exhausted every day so I was really looking forward to this summer redeeming last summer's disappointment.

I'm at the point where I'm ready to get this move over with. I'm awkward with goodbyes and all these "lasts". I find myself disengaging from church and people and feeling tired of answering the same few questions about the move with everyone I talk to. It's sounding easier to just get out of town and have this portion end.

This probably sounds more grim than the reality. We're still having fun times with our little family. Enjoying a few weeks with Devin around during the day. Some fun parties and outings with friends. And soon to leave on a long weekend with my parents and siblings and NO kids (other than Ira). So there's lots of good...but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't exhausted.

From life lately...

Oh my sweet Ira. He's a bit of a stinker like any baby, but he lights up as soon as I get in his line of sight, so of course I love him. ;)

There have been great days for bike riding and strolls and back yard play

I suppose it'll be awhile before we get a decent pictures of the boys that doesn't include my arms.

We had fun on Memorial Day with Devin's family.

A classic 4 generation picture.

A couple weeks ago Devin ran a Spartan race with a few friends. It has just rained a ton, so it was more like trudging through ankle-deep mud and then doing lots of challenges. He loved it though and wants to do more.

A few friends helped me put on a small baby brunch to honor Leah. It was such a fun, intimate morning. I loved one last event in my pretty dining room. It's my favorite room of my house. And I loved doing this for such a special, lifetime friend.

Henrik loved playing with the leftover bunch of balloons but had a sad reality to face when he took them outside and let go...poor guy.

Devin and I got a much needed date. Probably the most I've needed a quiet, kid-free dinner in a long time. It was honestly the first time since Ira was born that I felt pretty desperate to just eat and drink slowly, with adult conversation, and without interruption. It really was rejuvenating. 

This guy is super fun and amusing and frustrating like any two year old I suppose. Though, Devin and I agree that so far we would not call the 2's 'terrible'. One-year-old Henrik was much more trying than two-year-old Henrik. In my opinion, when a kid can communicate what he's thinking and feeling, life gets a whole lot easier. 


sarah.flyingkites said...

THat last line screams truth!! :)

Love your tidbits...and I'll admit, they make me a little sad :( Hang in there!

Betsy said...

I can relate to becoming a bit of a tidy freak once I had kids...there's something about having so little control over life/naps/feeding/etc. that having the things orderly seems like one thing you can control. For better or for worse, I guess. And good for you and Devin to get out - that is so important, especially in this crazy interim period of your life. Love you!

leah said...

love the update, although it does make me a little sad. inbetween time is awkward and rough, but hoping you can enjoy the moments and endure the questions (sorry if asked too many this morning! HA!).

& don't tell henny, but i totally laughed out loud at the balloon tragedy. :/

sandra said...

I have to admit at first I thought the first picture was someone else yet looked like you. The pink confused me. 😀.
Secondly go Devin! Spartan that like the warrior dash?? Gonna have to look that one up. Nick and I do the warrior dash June 27th. Really hoping I don't look at muddy as Devin!!😁