Life Recently...

In a matter of two weeks we decided to move, accepted a new job offer, sold our house, and bought a new house in Indy. 


But that's just how we do and furious. Maybe someday we'll slow down. God has been so faithful to provide and all the housing stuff couldn't have gone smoother. Not that there haven't been rough patches. The last couple weeks have been two of the most emotional and stressful weeks of my life. Yeah, I've had an easy life. 

But more about the move later. I really want to document our last weeks in our city and our home.

Mother's Day with my two boys. Gosh, I love these kids. I fail as their mom so, so much, but hopefully they'll look back fondly at being raised by me.

An afternoon at our neighborhood park. Going to miss this place.

Ira is growing so fast. He is so smiley and precious and as long as I don't eat too much dairy, he's pretty happy and low maintenance. The worst thing...he doesn't like the car. Lots of screaming in the car these least on trips of more than an hour. Real fun.

We pretty much always do birthdays with Molly's family. My goal is to keep this tradition as much as possible even after we move. Marlee turned 10! She is such a sweet and beautiful girl and it's so fun seeing her grow up. She is such a great cousin to Henrik!

Henrik is smart. I don't say that in a braggy way. He just a 'street smart' kind of way that makes him really funny but also infuriating at times. I took the above photo after he started calling me "Em" one morning with a smirk on his face.

Henrik generally ignores Ira, stopping to say hi to him at random times. He seems to like him and thinks it's funny when Ira accidentally touches him. He'll say "Ira's tickling me!". Henrik has started to really dislike when Ira cries. He covers his ears. When he's really tired and Ira starts crying he immediately starts waling. This is usually in the car. Again, real fun.

Ira wearing his cute outfit from Leah. :)

As of today, we have an accepted offer on a house. And will probably only have a week of being displaced or needing to live apart since Devin will start at his job before we close on the house. The house and location isn't what we originally had in mind or really a place I ever envisioned us living (the suburbs - gasp), but it's a beautiful home and made a lot of sense in many different ways. But for now, we have a few more weeks to wrap up life here and soak in time with people we love.


L, Ann and boys said...

glad you found a place!

Daveana said...

Wow! Look how things are working out! Crazy!!! Going to miss having you in the area.

smw said...

It's truly amazing how every detail is falling into place so quickly. I'm going to miss knowing you were somewhat near and bumping into you at the random event.

Betsy said...

This is totally wild and crazy -- all of it! But sometimes that's how God works...praying you can know his presence and secure hold over the next unstable months.

Betsy said...
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leah said...

it's crazy & amazing how things have come together!

praying you enjoy these last weeks in your home & city - starting to miss you already dear friend! :'(

T and M said...

congrats on the house!
I had to laugh about Henrik calling you "em". little stinker!

Sara Huber said...

I love that last pic of Ira...the little smile and rolls on his arms and legs!!!

sarah.flyingkites said...

Love these pictures!

I can't believe how fast-and-furious your last 2 weeks have been...ahh!!

Whitt has that same outfit that Ira is wearing in the last pic!