Our April Days

Life has been full. The days feel pretty long, but not always in a bad way. Ira is growing like a weed. From the way he's starting out he's looking to be much larger than his older brother. Isn't it funny how we compare siblings to each other? Henrik was just Henrik and now Ira is the same or different from Henrik. Poor guy.

We spent Easter with my parents. Henrik loves to play outside at there. My dad attempted to teach him some baseball, but he just used the bat like a hockey stick. :)

Our little Easter 2015 family:

First egg hunt!

My dad is always taking Henrik on little adventures. I love that.

Ira is developing a sweet little personality when he's not uncomfortable and fussy. I think if it weren't for his gas issues he'd be a super easy baby, but the poor guy definitely has some digestive troubles which make for some hard nights for us all. It seems if I stay away from dairy it helps a lot. But you can never know for sure with those things.

Of course, like everyone, we're getting outside any chance we can. Ira is learning to live in the moby wrap for walks and parks and backyard play. It's fun to have friends on the same street to go for walks with!

The quality on this might be poor because I cropped it a ton, but I was so struck by how grown up Henrik looks here and I felt like it gave me a picture of what he's going to look like as a teenager. So handsome!

Behind him is the new raised bed garden Devin built us last weekend!

Happy Spring!


Linda said...

I'm always so happy to see a new post! Such great pictures of the boys! And I agree, Henrik will be a handsome teenager :)

sandra said...

Awe fun post. Enjoy your garden! We tripled the size of ours this year:). Love myself a garden!!

L, Ann and boys said...

awww...looks like your boys will be good friends... ;)

sarah.flyingkites said...

such a fun post - such adorable little boys!

The hockey stick thing cracked me up! I also thought it was funny the point you made about comparing our kiddos. Henrik was just Henrik....so true!! :)

leah said...

This is so fun! Your boys are just little sweeties, handsome as ever! I totally cracked up over the hockey stick part too - I'm sure his papa was proud :)