Crazy Life & Boys

That's how I feel about life right now. Like if one more thing got added to my brain it might just explode. This is partly because postpartum hormones are lessening my capability to deal with chaos, but partly because there is just a ton going on. As much as I love my Tuesday morning discipleship group and love BSF, I'm relieved there's just one week left of them and we'll have a few weeks to breathe before summer stuff starts up.

I have wanted to blog so much lately. I have so much floating around in my head. So much to say, but the time I have to sit down and blog is also my time to sleep and these days I choose going to bed early. :)

This week technology has been a pain in my butt. My iPhone finally died after many, many crashes to the floor. Devin's company is cool and loans out old company phones, so I have a Galaxy something or other for a few months until I can get a new phone. Let's just say I won't be making the switch to Android anytime soon. I cannot wait to get an iPhone back in my hands. Not to mention I haven't been able to get texts from most iPhone users. So frustrating....first world, I know.

We've been to the doctor so much in the last week...2 month check, skin issues, and mastitis. Thankfully everything is clearing up in short order. Henrik also made the switch to a bed this week and it's gone amazingly well. Thankfully the dear boy knows when he's tired and enjoys sleeping. It's so weird to hear him jump out of bed in the morning, open his door, and come sauntering down the stairs saying "Henny up!". Next up, getting him out of diapers!

Henrik makes us laugh so much lately. He seems to pick up on everything we do and say. His new phrases and sentences make him seem so grown up. But then the next minute he's back to acting like a two-year-old. :) My mom used to say about me that I "don't miss a thing", meaning I'm super observant and there's not much that could go on in a room without me noticing it (this is a curse sometimes, by the way). I think Henrik has picked up that trait from me. He is constantly providing commentary on all going on around him. The other night, out of nowhere, he raised his sippy cup and said "cheers mom!" and wanted to clink my glass.

Ira is a big boy at 14 pounds already. He smiles easily and also seems to get his feelings hurt easily. It's so fun to see how different our boys are. When Henrik was Ira's age he would wake up screaming until he was fed. Ira will wake up and fuss and little bit but then see my face and smile and coo. Ira smiles easily with just facial interaction. Henrik would want to be played with and tickled and even wrestled with a little bit to give up smiles or laughs. If we would do that to Ira we quickly see his bottom lip quiver and feelings hurt.

Ira refuses to take bottles or pacifiers. This makes my life a little hard sometimes, not being able to be away from him for more than a couple hours. Please someone tell me that you had a kid who didn't take bottles but did later on...anyone? And just like Henrik, Ira spits up all the time. Guess we'll be due for another round of furniture when he's about 9 months old and hopefully quits.

And now I can relieve some of my guilt for not doing a baby book or keeping journals about the boys. :)


L, Ann and boys said...

awww, little sweeties. :)

Linda said...

Love these pictures of the boys- especially the first two. Henrik is looking older than 2 with his hair all combed and hands in his pockets and love Ira's chubby arms stretching above his cute :)

T and M said...

Olive wouldn't take a bottle...and finally she did at about 2 1/2 months, right before I was due to head back to work. So keep trying! The Peds nurse had told me that when she got hungry enough she would take a bottle, which I did not believe...but did seem to be true. I also had to leave the room, and it helped if it was someone besides trent or i giving her the bottle. And we had to try a couple different anyways, i hope you find something that works, because every mom needs a night off once in a while!

cait kaehr said...

Your boys are so sweet! I think I've said it before, but our Livia is only a few months younger than fun :) I couldn't nurse either of our kids for more than 2 months (because of surgery on both lungs :( ) and it did take Jack a bit to get used to a bottle (I didn't let him even touch a bottle until around 6 weeks because I was so scared my milk supply would go down). I use the Tommy Tippy brand and both of my kids loved them. Jack would only drink his bottle from me at first. Then when I tried to get him to drink it with someone else feeding him I had to leave the room. I hope he starts drinking from one soon! Good luck! :)

Betsy said...

I loved this little update...and this is a great way to keep records on your kids. No shame there, Em. I find it especially interesting about Ira's sensitive feelings. That is just precious. You seem very intuitive with your boys and pay close attention to what they need/how they tick. You're doing a great job! I'm praying today for your hormones to settle out. I think that would make everything in the world seem more doable right now. Love you!

leah said...

i giggled at your iPhone/Android comment and passed it on to ross. he chuckled and said you may change your mind after a while (which i doubt - i'm with you!).

love how in tune you are with your boys and it's fun to see their different personalities. one thing for sure: they are both just absolutely DARLING. :)

emilykate said...

Thank you girls for the bottle encouragement! We found a bottle that he will take! So thankful! Persistence paid off!