What We're Into To: April 2015


These breakfast cookies! So simple and healthy
 and the perfect breakfast to grab out of the fridge for kids or adults. Recipe here.

This bark (we got ours from Costco) is life changing. Too addicting, if I'm honest.

This food blog:

I'm temporarily cutting out dairy for Ira and also on a 30 day hiatus from refined sugar, so her recipes have been a perfect way for me to still have some sweets. I would love to get her cookbook (Devin, hint hint).


I'm really into this Jesus Culture album, a couple songs in particular that I've played on repeat lately.
Kim Walker-Smith has such a dynamite voice...it really is captivating. 


When Henrik was born we started watching West Wing (totally recommend) in the evenings when he would cluster feed. So for Ira we needed a new evening nursing show. Devin found this one and it has been perfect. A Chef's Life is like my ideal show. Food, real life, no sketchiness, no cliffhangers, but interesting enough to keep you wanting the next episode. I would kill to learn in the kitchen under Vivian Howard. 

We're finally all caught up on Suits. It's a bit too dramatic for me at times but still really like it, especially the main characters.

When I'm home alone in the evenings nursing I've been watching Mr. Selfridge. I've always liked Jeremy Piven and I think his acting is phenomenal in this show.


Our community group is reading this:

We're only a few chapters in but so far it's good. Maybe not anything that has been mind-blowing though. Does that sound arrogant?

I'm doing this study with my women's group through church:

We're a couple weeks away from finishing. I definitely know more about the history and content of 1 and 2 Thessalonians than I ever have. As usual, I appreciate Beth Moore and her in-depth studies and always feel like she's so solid in her theology. 


cait kaehr said...

Those cookies look delicious! I'm going to have to try those. Our Bible study group is doing children of the day also... I'm loving it. :)

Nathan Huber said...

Fun post! I hadn't heard of most of this so I'll have to take some of your recs!

sarah.flyingkites said...

very fun post!

Those cookies look sooo good! I wish I liked to bake

Heather Hoerr said...

SO I totally starting watching A Chef's Life while folding clothes yesterday after reading your post! I like that you learn some cooking tips while following a story. And I just downloaded Unstoppable Love on Rhapsody. Thanks for the recommendations :)

Ross said...

Love posts like this! Going to have to check out that Jesus Culture album and maybe that cooking show! :) fun, fun!


Daveana said...

Mr. Selfridge! <3