First up, one of the major projects I wanted to get done before the baby was to get all the woodwork on our main floor painted. It was a huge job, so we hired someone and it looks so beautiful. Here's my dining room as an example. 

One night we took Henrik to his favorite, Panera, while the painter was working late. He's obsessed with their mac and cheese. :) He was so fun and cute and charming all the people around us. It was one of those nights I felt sad to add another kid and mess up what we have going, but thankfully that feeling doesn't last long when it comes.

Friday night I was cooking for a tasting party so Devin took Henrik out for a fun night of Chickfila and the mall play area. Henrik doesn't usually get things like juice boxes, so as soon as he did he lost all interest in his food and just sucked down the box of juice.

Devin picked me up some roses for Valentine's. They're still so gorgeous! He knew better than to buy red. :) I think white or light pink roses are the best.

Henrik is getting better at playing by himself for extended time. One day last week he spent a large portion of the day under the kitchen table where I set up a 9x13 of dried beans and various cups and toys. He loved it and it was so easy to just vacuum up at the end of the day.

I'm starting to compile things for the hospital. Some roller bottles of oils for back pain or relaxation. And fun little travel shampoo, conditioner, and face cloths. I was unprepared last time when I realized they only give you one little gross bar of soap. :) I also bought some cheap waterproof mascara. I don't usually wear waterproof and feel like it will be necessary, especially if I'm in and out of water. It's funny to worry about makeup when you're giving birth, but let's be real, people will take pictures and I'll need all the help I can get. 

We did Valentine's evening with some friends, which was really fun. I made mousse and chocolate covered strawberries for dessert.

Matt and Lindsay were awesome hosts and went all out with shrimp and steak.



us. :)


Linda said...

Wow, great post! Loved seeing pictures of your friends and I have to say....you 2 look so cute too :)

T and M said...

white woodwork + wood floors look gorgeous. I like the beans & 9x13 idea too-I'm always on the lookout for ways to occupy toddlers : )

Daveana said...

I love white woodwork! Looks so good! Love the picture of you and Henrick at Panera! He's growing up so fast! The picture of you and Devin at the bottom is adorable!

sandra said...

Beautiful trim!! Glad you could mark that off the list and get house back in order before baby arrives.

Nathan Huber said...

Love all the pics, so fun to see. :)

leah said...

i agree with mandy - that white trim with the wood floors...beautiful!!

and that last picture of you two is super sweet. you look so happy. :)

L, Ann and boys said...

awwww...I love all of this :D

Betsy said...

Great way to spend V-day! Don't forget some good lip balm for the hospital!