The Birth "Plan"

It appears this baby is going to be here pretty soon. I'm dilated 4cm as of Thursday and all other signs point to going into labor at any time. So, in light of that, I thought I'd type out some of my thoughts on the birth plan. I put plan in quotation marks because I know that plans should be held loosely and sometimes things just don't go as "planned".

But, if things could go according to my plan, this is what would be ideal for the birth of baby boy...

My overall theme would be a birth with as few interventions as possibly. Ideally, none.

I definitely plan to let my body go into labor when it's ready. Thankfully, my Dr/Midwife would never even suggest an induction unless the baby was definitely at risk. Assuming that's not the case, I would not plan to be induced regardless of how late I go. But that's easy to say when you're 39 weeks and having signs of labor. :)

I haven't chosen where I'll give birth yet. I'm waiting until I go into labor. At that time I'll call my practice and they will find out if either hospital has a room with a tub open. I really, really want the option of using a tub during labor (possibly even birthing in it). I hear one of the hospitals is good about not giving those rooms to women who plan to get an epidural, so I'm hopeful there will be one open.

Once we're at the hospital, I would like to be as mobile as possible, so I won't be getting an IV and I'll ask for intermittent monitoring. This should allow me to not be hooked up to anything and be able to be in the tub, on a birthing ball, yoga mat, or really whatever I want to be doing. Obviously, it would not be in the plan to have an epidural or any pain meds. This is a side note, but I also don't plan to step foot in a hospital gown, which I didn't realize you could refuse until recently. Seriously, if you want to feel super ugly and fat, put a hospital gown on when you're 40+ weeks pregnant. My doctor recommends some sort of long shirt, short dress, or just a sports bra for giving birth. He says healthy women giving birth aren't sick patients who need hospital gowns. To me that's such a liberating thought.

At this point, it'll just be breathing and coping and waiting and trying not to die from the pain. :) Hopefully this is where my doula and Devin will be sources of strength and remind me of the end goal. Speaking of our doula, I haven't decided if I'll have her labor at home with us or just meet us at the hospital, I guess I'll have to see when the time comes.

I really think that's it. I don't have any set plans for pushing except for following my body and hopefully some good coaching at the end to minimize tearing, if possible. My doctor said that with the kind of tearing I had last time it would be almost impossible to avoid tearing at all this time, but hopefully it will at least be less. One of three people will deliver him, either the Doctor or one of two midwives. There is one midwife who would be my preference for delivery, but I think any of the three will be great.

So for now I'm just eating pineapple and lounging on a birthing ball. The waiting game is always hard emotionally, but I'm thankful to be doing it at almost 39 weeks instead of almost 41 weeks like with Henrik.


sandra said...

Will be anxious to hear when it's all said and done if your "plan" went accordingly or how you had to adjust. It all sounds like a good "plan". I'll pray for a fast, minimal pain birth experience;)

Daveana said...

Getting so excited for Baby Boy! Good luck with the birthing! Praying everything goes smoothly!

L, Ann and boys said...

I really hope this delivery will go faster for you than the first. That first delivery is something all it's own. :) Wishing you well! :) And I really hope you get some pictures you like sans hospital gown with that waterproof mascara looking awesome. ;)

sandra said...

Talked with your mom today;). Sounds like this could be a fast delivery at the rate you are going:). I arrived at hospital 7 cm dialated with my first:). I also had back labor with my third because liam was turned face down. Definitely my most painful labor but hopefully your little guy will switch around and ease the back pain.