Henrik has been happily telling everyone he's two for awhile now. And then we had a party over the weekend so by his actual birthday, the 20th, I think he was wondering why we were still talking about his birthday and turning two.

What Henrik is like at two years of age...

He weighs about 28 pounds and is around 65th percentile for weight and height.

Favorite Foods (though they are constantly changing): 
Cheese, pasta, fruit, guacamole, pretzels, popcorn, dried cherries, and any junk food that he doesn't normally get. He's all about "teats" (treats) and candy and cookies.

Favorite People: 
Mom and Dad, both of his Grandpas and Grandmas, Aunt Molly, cousin Miles and cousin Fi.

Favorite Activities: 
Hockey, cars/trucks/planes/trains, being chased, wrestling with dad, looking at books of animals or vehicles, playing "nigh nigh" or putting things to bed. 

What he Loves: 
Paci and blankie. And watching shows while eating treats (who doesn't?). :)

Favorite words/phrases and other things: 
Fun! Funny! Right now those are his favorite words. It's how he will describe his favorite people and favorite activities. His language is developing rapidly right now, so there's no way I could get down everything he says in a day. He's constantly surprising me with words he knows. Often throughout the day I hear "I'm coming!" or "I get it!" or most recently "mine" or "my do it". He loves talking about daddy throughout the day and often wakes up in the morning yelling for dad. When we pull in the driveway he announces "Henny home". He refers to himself as Henny, sometimes 'buddy'.

He loves talking about emotion and people being sad or crying or happy. He won't say yes, but will say 'yeah'. He answers 'no' as a default unless he realizes saying yes benefits him in some way. He will not say the word please and will only use the sign, which I don't remember ever teaching him.

He's into talking about poop and going potty but has yet to tell us before he goes in his diaper. I do think I'll give potty training a shot before baby brother is born just from the interest he's showing.
He likes to sleep and is typically very happy to go to bed or down for a nap. He naps from roughly 12:30-2:00 each day, sometimes longer if we're lucky.

My parents and both grandmothers were able to come out to celebrate his birthday, along with my sister Molly and her family. We had just gotten back from Florida so Molly graciously made his cake for him. He loved it! 

Henrik is so loved by so many great people, I hope he doesn't take that for granted. What a privilege to be Henrik Sebastian's mom...this kid makes us laugh so much and brings so much joy to our house. He gives us so many reasons to give thanks and to think about God in new ways. We love you, buddy!


L, Ann and boys said...

awww, you'll enjoy reading this post in a few years I think. :)

sarah.flyingkites said...

such a sweet post :)

Heather Hoerr said...

so fun that he's saying lots of new words... love it when they start talking.
it looks like he and Creighton share the exact same food loves... just minus the fruit for C - he only does fruit in smoothie form, weird kid!
good luck on the potty training! that would be great if you could be done with that before the baby, but if not, that's what dad is for while you take care of the baby (well, when he's around) :)

Linda said...

You didn't mention the great mac n cheese you made for dinner....loved the adult version :)

leah said...

this is super sweet - been such a joy watching this little guy grow up! :)

Betsy said...

I love this update on Henrik! He's grown and changed so much - and I love it that he sometimes refers to himself as "buddy" - how fun. And props to A. Molly for another fabulous cake!