Hutchinson Island (Part Two)

I'm so proud of us, we did really well photographing this trip. Some low-quality phone pictures, yes, but still pictures documenting a fun week away.

Our weather was spotty. There were a couple cloudy/rainy days, a couple partially nice days, and thankfully, a couple really nice days. One day, after a cloudy morning, the sky broke up and left us with an absolutely perfect afternoon. We took advantage by the pool both with and without Henrik. :)

Devin and I wanted to cook dinner for everyone one night. I made mushroom risotto and Devin grilled up some steak and zucchini.

I took this at 33 weeks. He's popping right out there!

By the end of the week Henrik was starting to catch on to what "swimming" meant and would kick his legs and arms. It made me think of swim lessons for him this summer and otherwise I would have thought him a little young. We'll see if it actually happens.

Our evenings sometimes were spent out, but the ones that were spent in were hanging out in the living room keeping the boy entertained by various means...

On our last full day we got a good beach day in!

Pregnant ladies get husbands to drag beach chairs down for them. :)

Devin got up early almost every morning to go fish in the surf. One morning we made it over and got to see him catch one of his two fish for the week.

Henrik enjoyed his very own donut. So classic how kids are drawn to the worst-tasting ones because of sprinkles.

A walk out to the river...

So great to spend the week with these people. I loved seeing Henrik get quality time with his grandparents and great-grandpa. To say that he loved being the only child to five adults is an understatement. Devin and I definitely benefited from him being the only grandkid his parents will see all month, lots of dates for us! I think we got away for one lunch, one breakfast, and two dinners! Not to mention lots of breaks when they would take him on walks and bike rides. We all (Devin, Henrik, and I) got a little spoiled.

Last night date night. By this point I was actually sick of eating out. I always get to that stage by the end of vacation.

Saying bye to "funny grandpa".

Last vacation of our family of three. God willing, the next time we come here we will have another little boy with us!

At the airport on the way home I finally got Henrik to carry his own backpack!

This trip really met and exceeded my expectations. We usually wouldn't choose to go away right after Christmas, but with the pregnancy it was really the latest we felt like we should go. I'm so glad we did. I have such great memories from this trip and am so thankful we could go! 


Linda said...

What a nice way to document your trip. I'm glad you could spend this quality time together with family. Loved all the pictures!

Sandra said...

Looks like a lovely vacation. Next vaca will be a tad busier adding another little one. Glad you were able to be spoiled!!

L, Ann and boys said...

awww... so nice getting spoiled a little.

leah said...

you DID do a great job of documenting - sounded like it was a+ all around. so happy you had this special time together before baby #2!

(and i love the picture of devin & henrik with the fishing pole - precious!)

Sara Huber said...

Love the one of Henrik buried in the sand smiling. :) What a great little guy.

Betsy said...

That's so fun you guys got away together often -- soak up the couple time whenever you can get it!! Henrik looks crazy big walking with his backpack! Happy belated 2nd to him!

Christen Leigh said...

Awe this looks so great--glad you had such a good trip! :)

Tricky said...

Looks like such a great time! So glad you it's had the opportunity to do that!

Daveana said...

I love seeing Henrick's personality coming out in photos! Looks like a great trip!