My Birthday Weekend

I turned 27 last Friday, which is a pretty anticlimactic age, I think. But Devin did a great job at making it a really special day. I woke up to a cute birthday sign and the gifts "Henrik" picked out for me: Lush bubble bars and my favorite double chocolate raspberry cookies.

Henrik has decided he's done with his high chair, not that I blame him. We really need to get a booster but for now he's been enjoying his meals at the table on his knees. We had a fun little breakfast together. I made myself one of my favorite breakfasts, french toast with peanut butter and maple syrup.

Later that morning Henrik and I ran out for his chiropractor appointment and then to Lowes for some paint samples for the boy's room. I also couldn't pass up some cheap plastic totes. If there's one thing I'm realizing as a mom, you can't really have too many totes.

At Lowes, Henrik pooped and wasn't too happy about sitting in it. I finally realized I would need to deal with it when he was telling everyone in the store about his predicament. This was ironic because Devin and I have this joke that he always poops at Lowes and always poops when we don't bring an extra diaper. So I took him to the bathroom, took off his diaper, and let him go commando. It was an adventure if nothing else. He got to pick out a treat in the checkout isle because he had been so patient with my indecisive paint sampling. I was hoping he would choose the sour patch kids because that's what I wanted. But he chose M&Ms. We had a minor freak out when he realized he only got a few and not the whole bag, but we made it. :)

Devin took me out on a really fun birthday date. We went to an exhibit opening party at the art museum and then dinner, where I ordered my own creme brûlée for dessert and immediately felt sick when I ate the whole thing. He gave me what he called an 'in between' wedding ring. It's been almost a year since I lost my engagement/wedding ring (sore subject I don't like to talk about) so I've been ringless for awhile. I can't say I enjoy walking around with 1.5 kids without a wedding ring on.

Devin made sure to do lots of nice things for me all weekend, like an awesome Sunday brunch after church. Although I'm not sure if he was treating me so kindly for my birthday or because he got to play hockey twice on Saturday. :)

We finished the weekend with dinner at my sister's house, which is always fun and very little social pressure, which I love. Henrik loves it there with cousin "My" (Miles).

Thanks to everyone who made my birthday special! 


sarah.flyingkites said...

And I am so sad about your wedding ring! Sorry, sore subject. :/ Picture of the new one?

Happy Birthday!

sandra said...

Happy birthday!!! I agree with you on those totes;). I have about 12 of them that hold my kids clothes in size appropriate tubs. Thankfully I had a garage sale and now I have 6 empty totes to use for future purposes;)

leah said...

oh i love birthdays. thankful yours was extra-special, even the not-so-exciting "27". & i'm excited to see your new ring, i didn't even notice last night :)

L, Ann and boys said...

I'm paranoid about loosing my ring because I take it off a lot. :( It's so annoying. Hope you like your in between one and glad you enjoyed your 27th ;)

Linda said...

Enjoyed the birthday post! Go Devin, you are quite a guy! The "brunch" looks great!

Betsy said...

The poop story was great...he definitely deserved the M&Ms! And excited for you to have a ring again. I agree - picture, please!

Christen Leigh said...

Haha I also loved the poop story! And I was going to ask you about your ring on Tuesday--I like it! But so sad about your old one. :/

Heather Hoerr said...

I'm late but happy b-day Em! I smiled at the Lowe's candy choice... I Loved sour patch kids when I was pregnant and would always put them on as a fro-yo topping! (not that they aren't always delicious :))