Pregnancy Update: Week 35

The questions you most get asked when you're pregnant: What are you having? When are you due? How are you feeling?

The last one is my least favorite. I'm happy to tell people all day long that I'm due the beginning of March or that we're having a boy, but I get pretty tired of answering how I'm feeling. Not that it shouldn't be asked, I ask it to other people all the time, but I've found this question means you either have to kind of lie and say you feel good or you have to be honest and go into the ins and outs of pregnancy health which can turn negative pretty quickly.

My answer to this question lately has been this: some days I feel pretty good (for being large and in the final weeks of pregnancy) and other days I'm super tired and uncomfortable. Some nights I sleep pretty well and other nights between going to the bathroom, indigestion, leg/foot cramps, and restlessness I wake up feeling like I hardly slept. The acid reflux and groin pain have been the biggest issues this past week. So fun, right?

I'm definitely slowing down. I have bursts of energy and nesting and days where I feel pretty normal, but then I overdo it and it catches up to me fast. There are days I majorly vent to Devin about having a month left of this and other days I panic that the baby might come early because I'm so not ready.

People have started to say to me "maybe you'll get lucky and the baby will come early". I smile and nod but tend to disagree with this statement. Sure, selfishly, it would be great to have a couple weeks less of being pregnant, but the reality is that the optimal time for the baby to be in there is 40+ weeks (for a low risk pregnancy like mine) so I don't want this baby out before he's had an optimal time to develop because I know it'll be better for his health long-term.

This coming week I have a birth planning seminar at the practice I go to and then the final meeting with my doula to solidify birth plans/processes. I'll post my birth plan later. I also start weekly checkups next week, which I think will feel like a waste of time but I suppose it's protocol. So far, I'm measuring right on track and the baby appears to be doing great, which is always a praise!
My false labor contractions are picking up. They're definitely still Braxton Hicks contractions, but happening more regularly. I even had a few in a row the other evening at Costco. But I can easily shut them down with relieving my bladder or resting.

Baby boy has a name! It's been fun to call him something and teach it to Henrik. I'm glad for his sake that it's easy to say. :) I won't tell you what it is, but I will tell you the names on our list that we're not using and you can surmise as you wish based on our style.

We tossed around a LOT of names, but these were the ones that made the official list:

There's one more name we've ruled out, but it was the front-runner for so long I can't bear to share it because who knows, maybe we'll switch last-minute or maybe use it in the future. I've found myself regretting using Sebastian for Henrik's middle name, otherwise that would have been a top pick for this baby's first name. Oh well. We're really happy with the name decision.


L, Ann and boys said...

I totally understand about using a loved name as a middle and then wishing it was still available. ;) We kind of broke the rules and use Christian twice since it's Luke's middle name. I wanted to be sure we got to use it when we had guarantee we would have another boy. If only I had known ;) haha

sandra said...

Ahh the home stretch. Hope all goes well and this delivery is smooth sailing and quick!!

leah said...

Fun update :) excited to meet this little guy!

sarah.flyingkites said...

Love the update - can't believe you are this close! Oskar is cute :)

Linda said...

Good update! Glad to hear you're not using one of those can probably guess which one :)

Betsy said...

Such a fun update! I like seeing what your name options were...Soren, be still my beating heart.

Anonymous said...

I love your official name list! I cannot wait to hear what you name him and what it means to you guys :) My favorite part of pregnancy!!!

Christen Leigh said...

Fun to read an update and the name options. He is coming so soon! :)