That's really how I look at the first couple weeks of November; just the pre-holiday time. We just got home from a weekend with my mom's side of the family which we do instead of getting together for the holidays. We're all pretty worn out. We're well into our second week of trading colds and sore throats and fevers and Henrik was pretty much a disaster to get to sleep in that hotel. I have a new appreciation for people who have to do a big routine to get their kid to bed. Henrik has always just happily gone to bed when it's time, so spending a couple hours to get him sleeping was a rude awakening and pretty miserable (Devin did most of the dirty work - bless him!).

I don't want my blog to get neglected, so a few recent things from the minimal amount of photos I've been taking...

Devin and I had a fun date for Vietnamese food and bookstore browsing and we were supposed to end the evening with a DeBrands sundae but they had closed. Devin loves the pho and I love the beef noodle bowls. I've been pretty proud that I've graduated to eating these types of meals with only chopsticks. 

Devin and I always go our separate ways in the bookstore. You can pretty much always find him in the Fiction/Literature section and me perusing through cookbooks.

Henrik has been up to his usual tasks of playing, eating, sleeping, whining, and being cute.

We made our chest freezer box into a little play fort for him and it's been a pretty big hit. He likes to store his mower and trucks inside and color it.

This picture was taken about a week ago at 23 weeks. I had a rough patch of back pain and indigestion and other random pains, but seem to be back to feeling pretty good pregnancy-wise. Baby boy is super active. He doesn't have a name yet. We each have a name we would choose at this point. We like each other's names, but we're still waiting for that "yes!" name where we both instantly agree and love it. That was how it went with Henrik's name as well as our girl name this time. So I'm hopeful we'll get there. But we have two good backups if not.

My mom came to visit us for a couple days last week and helped me with a painting project. It was so fun to have her around. Henrik loved the extra attention...and the ladder.

The only picture I took from the family weekend was this one of Henrik and Fiona. They're so cute. Seeing Henny put his little arm around her makes me melt. I think next year at this time they'll be good playmates!

I promise Henrik doesn't wear pajamas all day, contrary to the last two photos of him.


sarah.flyingkites said...

Love the freezer box idea! And that pic of Henrik & his cuz is precious!

Hope you all start feeling better!

leah said...

great update! love that one of henrik on the ladder. that kid has the best smile. :)

Betsy said...

Your date of vietnamese food and a bookstore sounds amazing to me about now. Ryan and I totally gravitate to different aisles, too. :)

Sara Huber said...

Really cute pics of Henny. Love the fort!