I never really like the last few days of the month. I'm anxious to turn the calendar; for a fresh start of sorts. This month, I'm particularly ready for a new grocery budget to begin. I only have $5 left in October's grocery budget and there are some things I'm anxious to get. Don't mistake this for need, we don't need any food. We have enough food in the house to last us weeks, but you know, being the spoiled American that I am - I want some new cereal and treats (this is the pregnancy talking, by the way, I hadn't eaten cereal for months before I got pregnant). However, I did work hard to stay within budget this month and I'm pretty proud of that. We still ate healthy and had fun meals and I had $5 to spare! :)

Dear Henrik is in a near-hypnotized state on the couch, fingering his blanket and watching a show. He woke up early and then only had a 45 minute nap today so I'm going easy on him. We had a busy house for lunch and into the afternoon. A good friend drove a couple hours to visit me and a few of her other friends who live in this area. Four kids ages 1.5, 1.5, 1, and 10 months, which actually never seemed chaotic, even in our small house. I like using our home for things like this.

It's crazy to think that the holiday season is almost here. Our weekends in December are already all filled up. Emails are flying around with family about when we're doing Thanksgiving and Christmas. For Thanksgiving, Devin reminded me sternly (for him anyway, which is not really that stern) that we've never been to a Thanksgiving with his family since we started dating...so I guess it's time to suck it up and miss my family's. Sigh. I look forward to holidays but definitely don't live for them. I've found if I look forward to them less and anticipate them less, I end up enjoying them more.

And finally...some news!
I'm getting in on a new business venture of sorts. A friend from church is a personal trainer / nutritionist. She has her own business and is moving away from the personal training and more towards nutrition and food-related things. One of the ways she is doing this is by going into homes and doing cooking demonstrations of healthy meals that are relatively simple - and - she's asked me to cook for the demonstrations! I'm definitely just coming alongside her vision, which is great because I love her vision. We have two options...you can do an in-home cooking demonstration of three nourishing meals and invite a couple friends and you all get take-home food. Or, you can invite some friends for a dinner party / girls night and we'll do the cooking and give you the recipes and let you eat all the food. I think it's going to be really fun! Shameless plug - if you live around here -  you should book us, I promise it will be fun (and maybe even educational)!


sarah.flyingkites said...

love the catch-up post! Sadly I was like $70 over budget in groceries this month. Way to go!

. . .

Such a cool opportunity for your new job. You will fit that well!

leah said...

Good for you! Being under budget is the best!! :)

And I'm totally interested in coming to one of those cooking demos, I was actually going to ask you about it and forgot today-we will have to chat! :)

Amber Rufener said...

Wish I lived close!

Daveana said...

Congrats Em! That sounds like an awesome fun adventure!