Life has felt pretty stable lately. Seems like our weeks look relatively similar and go at our own pace, which is nice. I know once November hits all the holiday stuff will ensue and life will feel more full, so I'm enjoying having days where we don't have anything on the calendar.

My days at home are spent trying to keep Henrik busy. He gets bored so easily and his default is to ask for a snack and a show. It gets old. Thankfully there have been a few things grabbing his attention for ten minutes or so. :) Coloring is one of them. I hope he likes to do artsy things because it's something I would enjoy doing with him! He's also building with mega blocks.

He hasn't really mastered brushing his teeth. He prefers to suck off the toothpaste. So to actually get his teeth brushed we have to tickle him or make him laugh and I sneak in there and get some strokes with the brush. It's not my favorite part of the day. :)

Devin took this season off of hockey, which I'm thinking he regrets. He got to sub for his cousin the other night so it was fun to see him play. Henrik was pretty entertained by it and very much in awe when Devin skated over to the glass and he realized it was his dad. "Hockey" is one of Henrik's favorite words. I love how he gets so into whatever his dad does.

We've been trying to get the last enjoyment of the outdoors while we can, but this Fall weather has been less than ideal. Seriously...we've hardly had any nice days before heading into winter, which can start to depress me. But I can also get excited about just being cozy inside and taking things easy before baby boy arrives. I'm already starting a mental list of things to do before March because I'm sure it will be here sooner than I think.

Some of what we've been eating lately...

When I'm feeling pretty lazy, I make these homemade refried beans and serve them with quesadillas and guac. It's one of our favorite quick meals!

I wasn't too excited about this black bean soup once it was made but it was actually really good, especially topped with some hot sauce and homemade croutons. We ate it with this caesar salad which was my favorite part. Mel's Kitchen Cafe has a great homemade caesar dressing recipe (which I can't link to for some reason). 

And lastly, this cauliflower sauce that was floating around Pinterest seemed worth a try. It was pretty good once I added a couple more tablespoons of butter and extra salt. We ate it over pasta and apple chicken sausage topped with parmesan.  


leah said...

love that picture of henrik smiling with the hat! :)

and i agree, i've been pretty sad about this sunless fall weather too! :(

Linda said...

Always happy to see a post from you...and the sun is out today!!

Also love the picture of Henrik smiling so big. What a sweet boy :)

Laura said...

Love the picture of you and Henrik!

sarah.flyingkites said...

fun update! Henrik is getting so big!

Both of my boys love artsy stuff and I LOVE that - hope your little guy continues to enjoy it!

Love that pic of Daddy & son :)