Devin's Weekend

Devin turned 28 on Saturday. We had such a fun weekend as a family celebrating our favorite guy. We started Friday night with a really fun dinner out. Three hours of good food, friends, family, and lots of laughing. It was one of those nights where the atmosphere was perfect, the group meshed so well, and everyone really enjoyed themselves. I love that.

Saturday morning we did our usual Farmer's Market routine. Loving all the pumpkin varieties!

And then Saturday afternoon we went to a local festival. We don't love the crowds, but the apple pancakes were worth it. :)

Side note: We are really into giving Henrik popcorn in the evenings. He gets SO excited and happy and will just snuggle in next to you on the couch and munch on his popcorn. So cute.

After Henrik Sebastian had his popcorn, we put him to bed and made Devin the birthday burgers he requested. Bacon and avocado on a pretzel bun with a little ranch. I'd say it was the best burger I had all summer! We watched a couple episodes of Suits (our current favorite show) and just had fun hanging out together. 

Sunday was pretty typical with church and lounging around and then dinner with my sister's family, as is becoming tradition. 

The big failure of the weekend? The cake....

This picture might look decent, but I assure you, it was not good at all. The last two years I've made Devin some pretty amazing red velvet cakes (his favorite). He wanted that cake again, which I wasn't too excited about since I don't like red velvet and really don't like cake at all when I'm pregnant and I knew I set the bar high from last year. I'm also realizing that I'd WAY rather cook than bake. Baking requires recipes and measuring and it all just annoys me. So anyway...I thought I had red food coloring, but I only had orange. Then I burnt one layer and undercooked the other. And the frosting I tried to improvise and it was all just bad. He still ate a couple pieces and Molly's family kindly ate it as well tonight, but I'll be the first to say it was a fail. Orange velvet cake should have been my first clue. I think next year I'll just order one. 

Happy 28th, Dev! I'm so proud of all you accomplished as a 27 year old and thanks for loving your family so well!


Linda said...

Loved reading this recap of your weekend! The pictures are great! The cake looks fine but funny story of how improvising can go bad...I've had a few of those through the years :)

Betsy said...

What a great weekend! Sounds like just the right amount of social and down time...and great food (minus the cake) :) Let's get together, I'll bake, you cook.

leah said...

looks like such a fun weekend-birthdays are the best!

Rachel said...

Joel's favorite cake is Red Velvet as well which I do not like either. What is Red Velvet cake anyways?! I would also way rather cook than bake, I like to know which ingredients to use, but it is annoying to continually look back at the recipe for measurements ;)