Snapshots of Summer

I won't belabor this point, but I cannot get over this summer weather. I absolutely love it. My windows are all open and I think it's amazing. I haven't missed the heat and humidity one bit.

So, some of what we've been up to...

I've loved all my time with my little buddy. He really is so sweet and fun.

Zoo dates. And a coffee date where Henrik had his first ever juice box. ;)

Smoothies on the deck out of a real cup.

And, diaper box entertainment. (With all the blueberries this boy is consuming and my heightened sense of smell, I'm very happy we are using disposables this summer!)

Henrik got into a jar of beeswax salve and must have thought it looked like daddy's hair stuff and immediately starting smearing it all over his head. It was there for a few days despite having a couple baths.

Time with aunt Betsy and cousins Clive and Os! So fun to be with them a few different times. 

And time at Grandma G's. Isn't her garden crazy?!

Henrik could play in my mom's basement all day long.

With these beautiful, cool mornings we've been taking advantage of it and going for walks. It's one of my favorite parts of the day! This morning we walked to a coffee shop. On the way out of the shop my coffee fell off the stroller (thankfully outside) and the entirety of the contents were lost. At this point with Henrik running off into the parking lot I just kept going and said forget it to getting more coffee. We were almost to the sidewalk when this super nice guy came running to me with a new coffee. I think this was the first time I had been a recipient of a "random act of kindness" and I was so touched he would go to the effort to do that.

We're having a bit of a paci/blankie issue over here. He's always liked them for nap time but has started to want them anytime we're in the house. I'm already dreading when it's time to take them away for good (which probably should be sooner rather than later).

Learning to scoot around the driveway. :) 

Happy weekend!


Linda said...

So fun to see a recap of summer pics. Thanks for posting:)

leah said...

this is so fun - so many special moments & memories! henrik is such a have a lot of great images of him!

*gasp* your mom's garden!! that would be so fun, but i'm pretty sure i wouldn't even know where to begin. ha!

happy weekend!

Sarah said...

I love posts like these, but they leave me with so many things I'd like to comment on that by the time I get to the end, I forget!

I'll try :)

-Love that first picture!
-That random acts of kindness thing is so awesome!! Love that!!
-Paci drama is so stressful. Our boys still sleep with their blankies, but aren't addicted to them. Kinda just grow out of them :)
-That little guy of yours is a keeper!

Sandra said...

Love the recap. Love your moms garden. Hopefully next season mine will be about her size!! Ahhhh blank or paci drama....any consolation mine all still sleep with their blankie. Of course they stay in their rooms as it's "embarrassing" to take it in public:). You have inspired me to go open my windows. Thanks!!!

Sara Huber said...

Loved seeing all these! That is the best story about the guy bringing you the coffee...I want to be like that.

Joy said...

Oh yes paci drama! I'm embarrassed to say that Jacki still uses hers during the day. She turns 2 on Sunday and I think I will start keeping the paci in her crib. I admit that I don't take it awhile earlier because I want my kids to sleep good. I'm deathly afraid that if I take them away, their 11-12 hours nights will be gone. Who knows when I will take it away from Jacki for good:)

L, Ann and boys said...

I LOVE the coffee story ;)

Daveana said...

Aww Em! What a great post! Makes me miss you guys even more! What a special random act of kindness story! You deserved it! See you soon!