A few months before we got pregnant I had started to think about what I would do for prenatal care and where I would give birth. Based on my experience last time delivering Henrik, I have mixed feelings which were written about here:

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In my mind, I had three options that all involved using a midwife. I really don't have any interest in seeing an OB for various reasons (unless this would become a high risk pregnancy):

Option 1: Stay local, deliver at the hospital where I had Henrik and use the one midwife that is part of the Women's Health group I saw last time. She comes highly recommended despite the fact that she stopped taking call and isn't guaranteed to deliver.

Option 2: Drive about 40 minutes north to a more rural community that has a group of midwives that deliver at a birthing center.

Option 3: Use a local group of midwives that do home births.

A home birth really wasn't considered for very long. Not because I think it's weird or scary but because I don't really feel like giving birth in my home. It just appeals to me to go elsewhere to deliver a baby. Devin wasn't on board with considering a home birth, so we ruled it out after one conversation.

So that left the first two options and really I'd be fine with either one.

The decision is technically made (for now) but I wouldn't say it's something I feel settled in. Because we did like the hospital we had Henrik at and I'd rather stay in town for appointments, etc, we've decided to go with a midwife who is part of a local OB group and she delivers in the hospital. My main issue is that she doesn't take call. So if this baby doesn't come Monday-Thursday, she probably won't be delivering it. My whole point in using a midwife is for the birth experience and to have more support if I'm able to do a natural birth again. So...this is where I'm conflicted. However, I did like her as a person and I've just started praying that I'll have the baby when she can be there.

My back up option would be to go the 40 minutes north to the birthing center. The birthing center would be ideal for the type of birth I want, but the after care is a lot different than a hospital. You leave within 24 hours (most people leave just several hours after giving birth), no food options, and just not the same conveniences of recovering at the hospital.

So that's the plan for now. We'll see how it unfolds as things get closer. 


Sarah said...

Interesting post! How about a doula in the hospital incase the midwife can't make it? Or I also like the option of praying you won't go on a weekend ;)

leah said...

so interesting - love to listen in as you think through your options. praying you feel a perfect peace on whatever you decide! :)