Slowing Down

The last couple weeks have felt way too crazy for my taste. Lots of plans during the week, lots of separate plans from Devin, and weekend travels (I hate packing). And as much as a totally open calendar can somewhat make me uneasy, I'm relieved that the next seven days of our lives should be low-key and in our control (we've had some commitments clogging the schedule that haven't really felt in our control).

I've had very little time with Devin. For the past two weeks we've gotten to Thursday evening and I feel like I'm seeing him for the first time since Monday. I hate that. And I'm needier emotionally when I'm pregnant and this pregnancy has been a lot worse in that department than Henrik's.

The pregnancy hormones have also made me much more socially needy, which is new. I'm finding myself needing to be with people and feel sad if it's just Henrik and I for the day. This has definitely been throwing both me and Devin off because it's just so not how I usually operate. This pregnancy has been way easier physically, which is great considering Henrik's was pretty easy to start with, but I'm not sure if I'd pick the emotional crap over the physical.

I'm quite hungry at the moment because we're going to try to have a fun at-home night together after Henrik goes to bed. Grilled pizza, Masterchef, and I bet Devin will drink a good beer (I'm so sick of water).

We spent the weekend at my parent's for a family thing on my mom's side. And then bid farewell to my sister Betsy for another year. Back to the desert for her and her boys. It's always strange to just be getting comfortable again only to have her leave. Thankfully my schedule allows for easy FaceTiming. I so regret Devin and I didn't get over there for a visit before having kids...but I guess there's a lot of things we didn't get to do before having kids.

We celebrated my younger cousin's engagement. It made me feel kind of old, but in all fairness she is getting married pretty young. ;) It brought back so many memories watching them open gifts of mixers and towels and fun little house items. Such newness and excitement. You never get to do that over again (ideally) so I always hope people enjoy it. Not that I'd want to go back to the newlywed stage. I love knowing Devin so much better now and having been through a few things as a team.

My nostalgia for life in general starts to peak as we head into September. The time of the year I fell in love with Devin. As the air starts to turn to that familiar Fall smell I can't help but reminisce about those weekends we spent dating. I love to be reminded of why I fell in love with him. And I just love Fall...the food, the clothes, the it.

Well I think I'll stop before this turns even sappier and I lose friends. I guess I did warn you about the heightened emotions these days. Until next time...


Sarah said...

I just love this post :)

leah said...

you aren't going to be losing any friends anytime soon girlie. ha!

totally relate of watching others in the wedding newness - had similar thoughts as c&h went through it all. :)

AND - anytime you need a social pick-me-up (especially on wed/fri), give me a call!

Devin B. Wieland said...

You're right, this upcoming time of year is always a nice reminder of 2011. Loved dating you too, but being married is better!

Sara Huber said...

Always love reading your posts!