Rookie Mistakes: Part One

This is part one of the mistakes I've already made as a parent and things I'll do differently next time around (assuming there's a next time). I say these things, knowing very well I'll make many mistakes no matter how many children we have.

This is a lot for my future information because I think very few people out there will find it overly interesting. So, my disclaimer is that no one is forcing you to read this but, by all means...


There's not much here I would change. I gained the 'right' amount of weight for my body type. I didn't exercise a ton but it wasn't comfortable, so I'm okay with that. Maybe next time I'd be more vigilant with Pilates. I do wish I would have checked into different vitamins for one with the good iron (meaning the kind that doesn't make digestive life AS miserable).

Since I felt so well when I was pregnant, I wish I would have taken on more projects instead of thinking I would do them during my maternity leave from work. Turns out, nursing a baby every couple hours, only getting a few hours of sleep, and feeling totally drained physically and mentally didn't leave a lot of motivation for house projects.


I think our mistake of going to the hospital too early was pretty classic for first time parents. I just didn't understand the birth process. When I thought contractions were strong and close together, they really weren't. I should have labored at home at least 2-3 hours longer than I did - but, first time mom, a week overdue, no clue what to know how it is.

Had I not gone into the hospital as soon, I don't think I would have had my water broken artificially, which is not something I'd do again. I should have just let my body do it's thing and went with it because now I'm left wondering when my water would have broken naturally.

Despite how I felt around 9 cm and then pushing the boy out (like, get this *#^*%@ ^! baby out of me), I would not change having a medicated-free birth. Sure, resting and browsing Instagram while my body labored would have been less tiring and much less painful, but there's something about feeling your body labor so intensely; it feels right, as odd as that sounds. I felt very much a part of the process, like Henrik and I did it together, and I wouldn't change that. Not to mention, the goal of lowering risk to Henrik.
 (For the record, I'm not like, obscenely against epidurals - I couldn't say for sure I'd never get one. It's inductions I feel strongly about and that I think so many women just go along with what is normal in the current medical community without doing their own research or understanding the labor process, but I digress.)

Lastly, I regret letting them give me some IV pain meds during the stitching part. It didn't help any more than the local anesthetic she had already given and it made me feel well, drunk (at least for a little while), which was not really how I wanted to feel while trying to focus on my red, screaming little man. Well, okay, maybe at the time I didn't mind feeling a little loopy after just giving birth. ;)


Sara Huber said...

Interesting to will like reading this when #2 comes around. You'll be surprised how much you forget if you don't write it down! I have kept a small pregnancy journal that I jot down things with each one and it's interesting to look back on and compare.

Sarah said...

I missed this post!

So interesting - love your thoughts!