Over the Weekend

You guys. It's so nice not going to work on Monday mornings. I'm just here sipping my coffee in yoga pants. I should probably go do some yoga...but...I'll blog instead.

We had a great weekend. Our friends Sam and Peter watched Henrik so we could go out for our anniversary. We checked out a newish winery about a half hour from us. I think it has kind of a stupid name, but we were really impressed with their wine.

We did some tasting and had a glass of the Tannat. Very dry reds are where it's at for us. Wine shouldn't taste like grape juice.

Snow covered vineyard. Hopefully a much different scene than the next time we're at vineyards. Which should be California in May! (Much excitement)

And then, we got a new niece! Devin's sister gave birth to little Sally. She's so sweet and tiny. After three boys in a row on Dev's side of the family, everyone is happy to get a girl!

And then Devin had his last hockey game Sunday evening. Henrik was mildly interested but preferred to crawl around the disgusting floor. I could only handle that for so long.

Devin had a great game with two goals and his team winning 8-0. I think Henrik is so cute in his winter coat, though I have to say I'm so ready to be done with coats...


Sarah said...

Fun weekend! Love the first line of your post...hehe :)

(Saw some of your fam at Kyann & Levi's wedding yesterday :))

leah said...

aw, glad you guys had such a great weekend!

enjoy your low key monday morning! :)

Betsy said...

Glad to hear about your weekend and SO glad you can lounge in yoga pants and sip coffee on a Monday morning. Yay!

Sara Huber said...

Aw, glad Sally is safely here, so fun to have another niece!
It won't be long before Henrik can teach Truman some hockey moves...for now, Truman can teach him how to slide around on the wood floor with booties made by Gma K, using a broken field hockey stick and random items as pucks. :)