Two Kitchen Tools

That I wouldn't want to live without!

If I'm making dinner, I can guarantee one, if not both, of these kitchen tools will be used. I always wonder how I got by before I had them! Neither of them would be considered totally necessary, but they ease the use of fresh garlic and fresh lemons and limes. And a little cooking tip: when using garlic or lemon/lime juice, you definitely want to use the real thing!

First, the garlic press, OXO brand:

This was part of the kitchen stuff we registered for when we got married. No need to peel the clove, just toss in a whole clove and squeeze it right into whatever you're making. It's easy to clean out and saves so much hassle! I believe this particular brand of garlic press was rated as the best by Real Simple magazine and I agree.

Citrus squeezer: (Amco houseworks brand I think?).

I LOVE cooking with fresh lemon juice. It brings out the flavor in about everything. Squeezing by hand never gets it all and using other methods of citrus juicing is a pain. This particular brand has a smaller part for limes and bigger part for lemons. Although I might buy exceptionally big lemons because sometimes a half doesn't fit and I have to cut it in smaller chunks. Regardless, awesome tool.

Disclaimer: I am not getting paid to rave about these kitchen tools, but I should be.


leah said...

lol at your disclaimer! :)

i agree - i love my garlic press! i love keeping the smell as far away from my fingers bc it always lingers :P

fun to see you and your sweet little smiley guy today ;)

L, Ann and boys said...

oh hail the garlic press! :) I'm sure you've mastered scrape garlic off the press and then pull out the wrapper crud stuff with the knife tip in one fluid motion too. haha ;) I don't have a lemon/lime press...hmmm, I'm pretty barbaric at this point and squeeze into my hand to catch seeds and then dump. I may invest at your recommendation. :)


Sarah said...

I love my garlic press too (pampered Chef). I need to look into that lemon/lime squeezer...I have a cheap-o one.

Great tips!

Sara Huber said...

These are probably my most-used little kitchen tools also! An, I had to smile at your description of the scrape garlic/pull out the wrapper with the knife, perfect!!