Life Around Here

Little Henrik Sebastian is being a fun and clingy one-year-old. I think having a mom who is home all the time is going to his head. :)

We have our cheesy breakfast faces...

And we're trying to get him to hold his own bottle. He's totally milking the baby stage as long as possible (pun intended).

I made sweet potato hash earlier this week. We ate it with an egg and avocado. Then I ate it the next two days for lunch. Potato chunks in a spicy and savory seasoning, runny egg, and fresh avocado: oh my goodness, those flavors together are the best.

Thankful for my snow-shoveling husband...

Henrik got to have his lunch by the front window to watch Devin shovel and our neighbor snow blow.

On the snowy Wednesday, Devin was working from home. When he was done we opened a bottle of wine and did a little art. He's working on a drawing on the iPad. I went for a more traditional method.

Devin found a recipe for peanut butter, pretzel brownies. They were even better than they look. :)

We've had a hard time getting Henrik to eat normal human food and not baby food. And then we gave him his first taste of pasta with meat sauce and it changed his life.

This weekend we're celebrating our anniversary and just enjoying our time as a family before Devin leaves us. He decided he wants to start a new family. JK, it's for some job training / career move / school type of thing. :) But still really sad.


L, Ann and boys said...

Paints and canvas! It makes me so happy! that and pasta. Henrik and I could be pals ;)

Walking by Faith said...

Emily - Yes we moved to *you know where* :) I didn't want to publish your comment and reply to that...don't like stating on our blog where we live! How paranoid, I know. Bryce took a new job at you know where :) and we moved from Illinois in the fall. I'll have to watch the work-shirt-in-photos thing...yes, I'm that paranoid.

And your sweet boy is just darling!! He is so blessed to have you home to care for him - even if it is "going to his head!!" That face is so precious.

:) Erin

Sara Huber said...

Love all of this! Henrik is looking older! Sweet boy and some amazing-looking food! Can I come have lunch at your house?

Heather Hoerr said...

I want to see the finished product of your art work! So cute that Henrik wanted to watch out the window - that's exactly what Beck would want to do. And that sweet potato hash looks yummy - I think I'm going to have to try that.

T and M said...

art on a weekday! nice : )