Ten Random Facts

About me, Emily, the author of this blog.


During these long, cold winter days I daydream about being in a cute little cottage somewhere in the country of France (summer of course). I ride my bike into town every morning to buy groceries for that night's dinner. I spend my afternoon walking around a vineyard or napping in the sunshine. Then I spend my evenings cooking a fabulous meal and drinking dry, red wine. Of course, Devin and Henrik are there. ;)


I'm sort of addicted to reading blogs of people I dislike. I don't actually know these people, but I stumbled across their blogs somehow and keep going back despite the large amount of eye rolling I do through the entire post. But I just. can't. stop.


We don't solely do organic food / products. Given other things I'm into, that probably surprises people. But I typically buy what makes sense at the time. Sometimes it's organic, mostly it's not. I have in no way been convinced that organic-only is the way to go.


I got kicked out of school for a few days when I was in the eighth grade. A girl in my class brought a bottle of caffeine pills to school and a few of us took some. Yep, caffeine. I got suspended because I took pills that had the same effect as the Mountain Dew in the school's vending machines. I'm pretty sure the school also made us girls see a counselor, which I'm sorry to report did nothing because 12 years later I'm still "on" caffeine.


I'm having crazy back issues right now. I don't talk about it a lot because it's a boring topic of conversation, but daily I'm in a lot of pain. I'm hoping this new chiropractor I'm seeing is going to work things out.


I'm the youngest of five children. Of my four older siblings, three of them are girls and range from 5-10 years older than me. Growing up my sisters played the role of mother, friend, sometimes enemy, and yes, sister. I'm not sure I would have always said this throughout my life, but having sisters are the best thing that can happen to a girl. I always feel bad for anyone who doesn't have a sister, or three of them for that matter.

My three older sisters and me. Summer 2012

I used to have four different piercings at one point in my life (several years ago). I'm now down to one (normal ear piercing). I'm thinking about bringing my nose ring back but that would require going somewhere to get it done which sounds too hard.


My former job required that I wore skirts to work everyday (which sounds crazy when you stop and think about it). Now that I'm not working I've enjoyed purging my closet of "work skirts" that would have never been in my closet normally. It's nice to look in my closet and see only outfits that I like. Nothing against skirts or dresses, I wear them a lot in summer, but the whole 'knee length black skirt' thing needed to go.


Despite being a Christian, I very much dislike Christian radio and it's always a last resort of something to listen to. Some of you totally know what I'm talking about.


Tonight for dinner we're having this: Falafel with Avocado Spread

It's definitely more of a summer meal...but I'm sick of winter food.


Linda said...

That cottage does look inviting...as does summer at the farmers' market in Pentwater!

Sarah said...

Love this interesting post. 2 cracked me up!

leah said...

how fun! i NEVER knew #4, haha, that is too funny! you little rebel, you. ;)

hope you back starts to feel better. it's so frustrating not to feel well, hoping the chiro helps, i know it did for me!

L, Ann and boys said...

I've never had back pain after having a kiddo until our darling Gisella was born. All the muscles in your lower & middle back get pulled really tight while pregnant and then after baby arrives are not tight enough to support the core. I see a good chiropractor, but the thing that has helped the most is doing the stretch and yoga DVDs by Beach body/P90X. I hadn't done them in a long time, and after doing downward dog for what seems like forever the last two weeks I'm seeing some major improvement. not perfect (I'm still caring around a 15 lb baby) but much better.
I always buy organic potatoes...that's one of my "things", and I think apples taste much better organic normally. But if I pay more for something, it's because it looks fresher and more real (not always brighter) not because the tag organic is slapped on it. So I agree with you there.

fun post


Sara Huber said...

Glad you're still liking the falafel recipe!

I think I knew all of these except the back pain...bummer!

Heather Hoerr said...

I'll join you in france... I dream about living like that too sometimes. :)
I liked your nose piercing.. I say bring it back.
Bummer about your back... back pain is the worst. I've never continually been in pain, just have off days here and there, but it is my "weak spot" so I always have to be careful with my form when I do exercises and I'm always focused on strengthening it. Hope it gets better.
Dinner looks good - might have to try that. I noticed the recipe has tortilla chips it in, which would be a great way to use up the tiny pieces at the bottom of the bag!

Samantha Whittecar said...

NUMBER 4!!!! Hahahhahah. This post is adorable.

Samantha Whittecar said...

And we agree with nine. ;)

Molly said...

What's even funnier about #4 is that you were the prayer request of the PYG after that one. Yes, I still pray for your caffeine addiction. I could also do an entire post myself on #9. #2 made me laugh and say "Em!" out loud.

Christen Leigh said...

Haha some of these definitely made me laugh!! I hadn't heard about the caffeine pills...you addict! ;) I agree with christian radio....alghough i do find myself listening out of boredom and exhaustion with gross lyrics on other stations. ;) And....your dinner looks so delicious!!

Joy said...

Fun post! I have to admit I do the same thing with #2, oops! And sisters are the best! I'm so thankful Jayla and Jacki have each other:)

Ashley Neuen said...

So fun to read :) agree with number 9; thank goodness for Pandora so I can choose my Christian music! Didn't realize you had back pain; totally feel your pain. You should invest in a balance ball. Mine came with suggested exercises to improve core strength which in turn reduces back pain. It takes up extra room but can easily be shoved into a closet ;)

Daveana said...

Had to agree with you on a lot of this, also I'm a big fan of nose piercings, so go for it!

T and M said...

Everything I was going to say in my comment has been said, so I'll just say that your are an excellent writer & this post was fun : )

Betsy said...

I love this Em!!! Just getting caught up on your blog.... I totally can relate to the addictive nature of blogs written by people you dislike. I have cut myself completely off for 2014 and it's been the BEST decision of my life.

Britni said...

two and nine. totally hilarious. totally agree.