What We've Been Into in January

Okay, January was a long month. Lots of snow. Lots of below zero temperatures, meaning, lots of indoor time for us. Some days I felt like I was going to go crazy. Other times I was very happy and content so be in our cozy home with Henrik for the day.

All the indoor time meant more time in front of the TV, which I'm not crazy about, but it is what it is. Here are some things we've been into this past month...


Okay, I usually end up thinking movies are a waste of time, being bored, being disgusted, annoyed, etc. Not this time. I totally recommend Captain Phillips! It's definitely intense and I usually can't handle intense movies, but it wasn't intense in a gory, hard to stomach way. Nothing sexual. I can't remember about language, which probably means it wasn't bad (in my opinion). And movies based on true stories, despite being exaggerated, are always more interesting I think. Best movie I've seen in a long time.

That's really the only thing we watched that's worth recommending. Mostly it was just reruns on TV or Parks & Rec.


I have a couple books I'm waiting for at the library, so in the mean time...
My friend Leah got this as a gift while back (maybe housewarming?) and I had looked through it briefly, but never sat down and read through it. I'm really enjoying the food lessons and inspiration!

 These have been some of Henrik's favorites lately. We got so many amazing books as gifts so it's been fun rotating them, but he especially has enjoyed these three this month. I always get a little tired of all of his books after the third or fourth time, but I love that he enjoys being read to and looking at books on his own!


I'm still loving this album:

And Devin discovered this EP, which we've both enjoyed:

As usual, we're drinking through the two pounds of Utopian Coffee we get each month. Still the best local coffee in our opinion.

Henrik hasn't been sleeping the greatest lately and with my back issues, we've used a lot of these oils this month:

Well, I can't say I mind seeing January come to a close. One month closer to spring!
 Happy February to you!


Samantha Whittecar said...

Good to know about that movie. We've been wanting to see it. Also, the recent parks and rec episodes have made me laugh so hard and cry a little. LOVE that show.

T and M said...

I'm really interested in the oils! Why you chose that brand, how to know how to use & how much, etc.

Heather Hoerr said...

I totally agree that January has drug on FOREVER! Way too many days spent cooped up inside with our outings cancelled. I agree about the TV time. What makes all that even more interesting (and fun.. not!) is when you take shows away from your 3 yr old and use them as a reward for going #2 in the potty. What do you do with the kiddos then?! I'm such a good mom that's so good at entertaining her kids... haha!
We saw Captain Phillips too and really liked it. And isn't Parks & Rec the funniest? Once in a while the story line is trash and annoying, but it's definitely one of our favorite shows.

leah said...

fun! glad to know you are enjoying the cookbook! :) and captain phillips is officially on our 'to watch' list thanks to your recommendation!

have a great weekend friend!

Sandra said...

Kind of funny I checked your blog right now.....nick just got captain Phillips and it's sitting on our counter to watch tonight;). Yeah!!

Sara Huber said...

Definitely planning to watch that movie...looks like one Nate and I would both enjoy!