Zoo Season

It seems like everyone is posting about zoo trips lately. Maybe because the crowds and heat have died down. It really is the perfect time of year to visit the zoo. Our city doesn't have a lot of cool things, but it does happen to have one of the highest rated children's zoos.

I took a day off work and went to the zoo with the girls/kids from Devin's side of the family. It was so gorgeous out and such a fun day with Henrik! I'm not sure he cared a ton about the animals, but loved being outside with his mama and other kids!

Zebras are my third favorite zoo animal. They just look so cool.

I'm not exactly sure what this animal was, other than ugly. But Henrik enjoyed pounding on the glass. :)

Happy to get some of Grandma W's apple at lunch.

Giraffe's are my second favorite zoo animal.

Henny got sleepy...it's a rare treat to have him sleep on me!
The orangutangs are my favorite. They are so fascinating to watch. The way they gracefully swing around is really just amazing. Their human-like qualities and thoughtful expressions intrigue me so much!

This picture is a little deceiving. He didn't sit there long. He seemed to enjoy being on the carousel but preferred to be held.

Feeding the giraffe. I thought it was fun. He was just ready to nap.

Loved spending the day with this boy!


L, Ann and boys said...

Well that's reason enough to come to Indy again sometime next year...they are building orangutang exhibit right now. due to be done 2014 and be pretty fantabulous. I'm a geeked out mom for the zoo though, we go quite a bit.


leah said...

so fun -- i love the zoo! :)

Sara Huber said...

So cute, except for the ugly animal, that is. Love Henrik on the carousel!

Sarah said...

the zoo is so fun. I'm with you, orangutangs are my fav!

Linda said...

The last picture is my favorite! Love you both :)

Christen Leigh said...

Aw this looks so fun!! :) Sad that today is the last day the zoo is open, huh? :(