Weekend Photo Stream

Henrik mesmerized by the fire at our annual fall party.

Henrik went from two days of crawling to being bored and wanting to stand everywhere. As soon as you put him down he's immediately scanning the area for where he can stand. He also falls a lot, which means he needs a lot of supervision. It's...fun?

He was such a doll baby Saturday while we were getting ready for the party. Just pleasantly sitting on a blanket in the shade while he watched Dev hang lights.

This weather is to die for. We had a fun bike ride and park outing on Sunday afternoon.

This is our neighborhood park that has amazing rose gardens. It's less than a half mile from our home. Such a huge perk!

Playing in the not-so-clean water. :)

Why yes, he is wearing pajamas at 2:00 PM. Don't you like to change into comfortable clothes after church?

I'm not much of a seasonal decorator. Actually, I'm not much of a decorator. Lots of bare walls around the W household. But, this seemed like a great way to store my squash before it gets turned into lasagna sauce and Henrik food.


Kendra said...

wow, that park looks awesome. looks like a fun weekend!

Sarah said...

We drove by that park a couple weeks ago when visiting Ross & Liz and I was like SHOCKED...it's gorgeous!!

Henrik is such a sweetie!

Linda said...

Oh my...I didn't know that Henrik was standing!! Love all the fun pictures :)

Betsy said...

Aww! Love it that you're enjoying the gorgeous weather there - and acorn squash! - so jealous!! :) Henrik, you are so strong and amazing!!

Sara Huber said...

There is nothing better than a little boy in striped pjs. Can't believe your little boy is pulling up!!!

leah said...

it WAS a beautiful weekend -- glad you could be out & about and enjoy it with your boys!

Daveana said...

Love the picture of Henrick on Devin's shoulders! So cute. Have to agree with you on how awesome the park is right now!