Stitch Fail

You've probably heard of Stitch Fix. If not, here's the 10 second pitch: You fill out personal style information, they send you a box of clothes/accessories, you keep what you want, and send back what you don't like.

I more did it out of curiosity. It just sounded too fun to get a box of surprise clothes in the mail. Also, I'm not a bigger shopper, It's not something I make time for. So, clothes delivered to my door? Yes.

My first (and last) Stitch Fix
I guess you know where this is headed based on the previous caption and the title of this post. Overall, I was unimpressed with Stitch Fix. I kept one out of the five items because it made sense to use the $20 styling fee (which goes towards any item you keep).

I told their "stylists" the more adventurous, the better. Not classic, not chic, send me the fun stuff.

Um, they sent me red jeans, a black cardigan, and a bird print dress. The dress was okay, but you'd basically have to be six feet tall to look good in it (I almost saved it for my sister Sara's birthday, but it would have barely covered her thighs). Nothing against red jeans, I had some maternity red jeans and loved them, but I would call them a staple piece, not adventurous. And the black cardigan looked like something I would buy my mom for Christmas.

I'm thinking this company is geared towards the 30+ age group. The items they sent me felt more appropriate for someone 10 years older than me.  I think I'll look 25 while I can. ;)

The positives? They adhered to my 'no bright colors' policy. I was very specific that I don't wear pink or orange and they definitely stuck with cooler colors, which I appreciated.

These two items were pretty good. I kept the shirt, which you can't see all that well. It fit nicely; loose, but not too flowy. I liked the sleeve length and cut, and I don't really have any shirts that dark green color. 
The scarf was okay print-wise, but was a chiffon type material, which I don't like. I have tons of scarves I like way better, so it would never get worn. Return. 

Overall, it was fun to try, but I won't be placing any more orders.


leah said...

oh bummer -- i'm glad you posted about it! i've enjoyed seeing people's thoughts on this. glad at least ONE thing worked. :)

Amber said...

Oh Em - bummer!! I will say . . .it may be worth your while to try one more fix. Give super specific feedback - don't hold back. : )

My first one was by far my worst as well as I do think they are feeling you out a bit (not my style, too conservative). I was super specific what I didn't like and wanted different. And I have had several say the same. And each one has gotten better. I still spread them pretty far out for budget purposes and unless I have credit or gift money, usually keep one and sometimes two items. But I have loved the pieces I've gotten. I feel like they have a good feel for me.

But then again . .. maybe I really am just old. : ) No obligation to me at all obviously . .but if you think you could try it one more time, it might be worth it to know if it was a fluke getting to know you . . .or you really think it isn't a good fit.

Sara Huber said...

Interesting! I can see that if you are having someone else shop for you, you expect something a bit more interesting than a black cardigan. I do like the green shirt from what I can see of it!

Daveana said...

That sounds both fun and dissappointing!

Betsy said...

This is really fun that you gave it a try, Em! But, yeah, I can't see "adventurous" in any of those pieces, to be honest. I probably would have kept the scarf - I am such a sucker for scarves - but then again, I am 31. :)

Sarah said...

I love when people post their Stich Fix deliveries. Such a bummer it didn't work in your favor!

Christen Leigh said...

Interesting--I have heard of this but have never really looked into it. Too bad you didn't have better luck!