Wonder what I've been wearing lately?

Yep, there they are...my fab five. As in my five pairs of boots that don't have heels. I may often forget gloves, leaving my hands freezing and chapped. I may often leave my long hair blowing in the windy snow-filled air without a hat, but by golly my feet are well taken care of.

And when they are wet from snow melting...why carry them all the way back to my closet when I'll just put them on again soon? So no, this is not staged...it's just where I keep my boots. 

Oh and I'll give you one guess as to how much I'm enjoying walking, driving, and living in this freezing, snowy midwest...(trust me you only need one).


Linda said...

A hall closet would be nice...oh, that's right, you have one! (It's a good thing you don't have a roommate) The picture makes me lonesome to come visit your apartment- it's been a long time!

leah said...

love it. i will call you emu...for more reasons than one!

we have snow in IL tonight...i bet it's heading your way! :) i'll tell it to go easy on you.

you make me SMILE.

Christen Leigh said...

Ha nice! I like those new emu boots---SoOoOo stylin!!

Daveana said...

I'm starting to love boots a lot. I wear mine almost every day. I hate cold feet. HATE

Merry Christmas Em-