On Goals

Someone recently encouraged me that it might be good to set a few goals after I had mentioned I wasn't a goal-setting type person.

I just don't know about this. Goals just don't seem to work for me. Maybe because I'm not one for doing things out of obligation (which can be both good and bad). But I think if I set a goal (like in the past when I've had a weight goal) I start to feel pressure to meet this goal and then put way too much thought into whatever the goal is. The excessive obsessing tends to push me further from my goal (like gaining weight when I had a goal to lose). Sometimes it just seems better let things happen (like when I'm just going about life not thinking about my weight and then I lose five pounds).

Okay this really isn't supposed to be about weight at all...just that goals tend to freak me out. Maybe in the past I've just set unattainable goals. So as I'm thinking about this, it's of course getting close to the end of the year, which means new year's resolutions (for some). I suppose my new year's resolution could be to start setting goals?

Or I can just keep going with the flow and letting things happen (to let the chips fall where they may - so to speak)...that sounds better.


Sarah said...

I love New Years Resolutions! I think you should set a few!!!

It's so rewarding when you get to the end of the year and realize you stuck it out!

On the other hand, it's not fun to break goals, so you have to set attainable ones.

I just have a few more weeks and I'll be enjoying ice cream - yay! Can't wait! Hey, maybe you should start with those French Silk Pie Blizzards :) Just kidding...

Let us know if you decide to set some goals...would love to hear!

Daveana said...

I set some goals the beginning of this year and I achieved a whopping zero of them. With eight days left of 2010 I'm thinking not much is going to change that. So much for attempting to set goals for myself.

Merry Christmas Em-

Christen Leigh said...

I really like goals, but agree that they need to be attainable.

I tend to be an overacheiver and set like 10 unrealistic goals all at once, fail at them all, and then get really depressed. :) Maybe we should help each other set smaller/more attainable goals?

Love you and exicted to see you SoOoOn.