Highlights include, but are not limited to...

Passion! The first few days of the year that also turned out to be some of the best few days of the year!

22nd Birthday


Move into my new place (random living room shot, don't worry, things are on the walls now and it's not so empty).

Purdue friends trip to Turkey Run

 Galavanting around MI with great girls.

If this doesn't scream summer at the lake, I'm not sure what does. Dear Miles.

Molly's surprise party!


 Girls trip to Phoenix

Start of the holidays and lot of quality family time.

From the above you can see that this past year was full of fun trips, and great time spent with people I love. Though on a more serious note, I'd have to say this year was one of some major refining. And God's refining, though worth it, is neither pretty nor enjoyable. Learning things the hard way...(story of my life).

Thankfully I can say that 2010 started off amazing, and is ending on a good note as well. So bring on 2011...whatever happens, God has a crazy way of working things out.


leah said...

loved your recap crazy lady.

i'm confident that we'll start out the new year right this weekend. wahoo!

Daveana said...

Fun Post! 2010 went so fast! Happy New Year!

Tricky said...

looks like a good year! Good to see you this weekend; we'll have to catch up some more sometime soon!