Continuing the Countdown: 2

Well, tomorrow is Thanksgiving, which means only one more post after this one. This turned out to be harder than I thought. I'm thankful for a lot of things, but not a lot of things are blog-worthy or interesting enough. So for I blog from my parent's living room couch...I'm thankful for Thanksgiving (yes, the holiday).

Holidays are great and I especially like Thanksgiving. Here are some of my top reasons:

It's not the huge ordeal that Christmas is, less hype, less stress.

I love the food...BBQ turkey, pumpkin pie, stuffing, etc.

Family time.

A reminder of how blessed I am and thankful I should be.

Guaranteed Thursday & Friday off work (for most jobs at least) unlike Christmas this year which decided to fall on a Saturday, when I always have off work anyways.

Remembering the days of dumping the sack of turkey gizzards into Molly's toilet.

And of course, the Christmas season kick-off.

                Well, I need to get back to my current business of laying on the couch and listening to mom play her newly re-strung guitar. Thank you America, for recognizing Thanksgiving as a national holiday.


Sara Huber said...

Ha, the gizzard story is always good for a laugh!
Was Mom singing "Run, Samson, Run.."? I can't imagine her with her guitar without that song running through my mind.

leah said...

what? linda plays the guitar?!

emilykate said...

She sure does. Linda has many hidden talents. :)